A young girl and her blended family move to the small cottage town of Evermoor. Kim brings the baby to Reese and Aris, but the sensitives can’t connect with her. Insatiable, marauding aliens, The Nekross, invade the Earth in search of magic. Meanwhile, it is Tia’s fifteenth birthday. Rocky stayed behind to help the Sparticles rather than Callum. Written by Stephen Smallwood. Arriving at the Quantum Nexus, the Sparticles are greeted by a holographic version of Doomsday Dora, who explains that they can identify the right dimension to bring their parents back, but Reese’s During a rescue mission, Reese teams up another sensitive named Aris, and they manage to send one of the teen parents home and escape with Holly’s teen mother Kim.

Callum is absent in this episode. Only a few of the strange things found in the town of Evermoor. Holly 34 episodes, Wesley Nelson The Sparticles leave the mansion with confirmation that Orion has been broken out of the citadel and that Kylie is planning to block the Sensonet at the Circle of Perpetual Time You never acually do find out who the ghost is although you do see him.. The Sparticles and Holly and Serena arrive at the museum where the stone head belongs and plan to decode the message on the Stone Head, but the Sparticles get caught up in a plan with another tribe, the Featherheads to raid the museum in order to get gold to melt down to turn into Fizzys to use to buy fuel. Ernesto 18 episodes, Ami, Jordan and Holly get trapped in the room with the prototype collider’s super-cooling systems running and the temperature plummeting towards absolute zero. The lack of grid power has led to the failure of the national water supply.

Frankie 35 episodes, Jeffrey 24 episodes, Guest Appearance of Yanx. Ami sparitcle into a diabetic coma and the Questers rush him to hospital to find some insulin. Holly leaves her hurt by the riverside Serena was hurt after a cut from the sword and teams up with Ernesto and Fizzy and is soon joined by Reese to destroy the Quantum Nexus.


Serena 23 episodes, Guest Appearance of Doomsday Dora and Anita. Insatiable, marauding aliens, 22 Nekross, invade the Earth in search of magic.

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They leave, and Rocky’s brother finds a note stating that he has stowed away with the Sparticles to get their mum back. With adults’ rules, law and order all removed, the youngsters have great fun fulfilling many wishes, including raiding sweetshops etc. She vows to find the Quantum Nexus first and destroy it to determine the adults never return.

The Sparticles leave the mansion with confirmation that Orion has been broken out of the citadel and that Kylie is planning to block the Sensonet at the Circle of Perpetual Time You never acually do find out who the ghost is sparticke you do see him.

This disrupts the realignment process and the two world split again. Ernesto 18 episodes, Jerome Holder Holly is searching for the others when her mother emerges, and they embrace.

The Sparticle Mystery

At the resistance HQ, the two meet Rat’s child — which will eventually grow up to be Ernesto! Later Kat and Reese find out the adults are still there but in another dimension. Kylie shuts Fizzy and the Sparticles outside, believing she is unable to trust anyone after Erimon’s ‘betrayal’. Learn more More Like This. Reese fails to do this, as she does not know the two dimensions are connected. Audible Download Audio Books. Reese ‘sees’ Muna again and with the help of Tamsin, one of the village kids, Kat figures out that the wormhole events are occurring at points where leylines intersect.

First Appearance of Serena and Fury and first main appearance of Fizzy.

I really did think it was very, very good; very good fun, exciting and intelligent. But the head is in a stadium owned by Fizzy and there is also the matter that there is a traitor within their tribe.


The source of the mystey is Queen Kylie, who reached the house first and is aware of a different sensitive who turns out to be the ‘ghost’ in the house. After discovering her Mum and older sister missing, a scientifically minded young girl called Kat takes charge of Liam, the small boy next door.

Tracy Beaker is a 10 year old child, who was placed in a children’s home.

They are aided in their quest spadticle a number of clues left before the disappearance by a woman named ‘Doomsday’ Dora, a scientist who worked on the Sparticle Project. The Questers and Ranchers are reunited at Black Tor Mine where the adults were separated from the children by the machine of the Sparticle Project.

Sadiq, Holly, Frankie and Kim are locked up while looking for the boy, Orion, but are soon rescued by Reese and Aris before the Bounty Hunters find them. Kat finds her next door neighbor, Liam, trapped in his room because his mother grounded him for 5 minutes. One of the tribe, a young girl called Reese, soon starts to experience strange events, which eventually turn sefies to be the manifestation of her own latent psychic powers.

However, when Aris disappears, the rest of the Sparticles vanish one by one.

Investigative journalist Sarah Jane Smith, with the help of her adopted son, his friends, and an intelligent supercomputer, combats evil alien forces here on Earth. The third and final series ended on 30 March Frankie gives her rabbit, Roger, to the Fisher Tribe making it his final appearance.