Take no action If selected, Centova Cast will take no action other than notifying the client and administrator via E-mail. Specifies what action Centova Cast should take when a client exceeds his disk quota. Ask your systems administrator to tailor them to your needs as appropriate. The selection of available placeholders will vary per message; it is recommended that you base your custom messages on the default messages and retain any placeholders that already exist in each one. Centova Technologies cannot provide support or assistance with any changes to your web server’s configuration. Enter a percentage value from 0 to , and Centova Cast will automatically notify the client via E-mail when his stream uses this percentage of his monthly data transfer limit. If you prefer to provide media for the clients’ streams through other means, you will need to arrange for the client’s media to be stored in the following directory:. Centova Cast provides a set of feature buttons at the bottom of the Server Settings page, which perform the following tasks:.

After configuring a web server on port 80 per the previous sections , simply run the following command to request and install an SSL certificate for your domain of choice:. Specifies the maximum monthly data transfer limit for this reseller, in megabytes MB. The procedure for reconfiguring your existing web server will depend on many factors and is outside the scope of our support services; contact your hosting provider or systems administrator for assistance with that. Centova Cast is able to import album cover images when importing media for the autoDJ, to be shown both in the media library and on the stream start pages. The basic configuration tab includes general settings that will be required for virtually all reseller accounts. Specifies whether the reseller is allowed to use Centova Cast’s internal port 80 proxy.

Rebuild playlist on startup.

Server Settings

If the client’s computer or Internet connection goes offline for any reason, his stream will also become unavailable.

The port 80 proxy is disabled by default, as many servers have an existing web server on port 80 which would conflict with the proxy. Specifies when to notify clients as they approach their disk quota. Specifies the client’s Amazon. Centova Cast provides the most comprehensive streaming radio statistics system commercially available today.

This option is used to set up new streams in Centova Cast. Notify clients via E-mail when The result of this limitation is that every listener connected to a stream hosted on your server will use MB of your server’s memory, in addition to the memory used by ShoutCast. The event log provides a record of activity that has recently taken place within Centova Cast. Specifies the number of channels to use in the audio stream.


The user agents report provides an overview of the software programs listeners are using to tune in xentova your streams. The Server Overrides tab includes options for forcing certain settings to override values provided by a source application.

Default channels for re-encoding. Our web site provides answers to various frequently asked questions regarding issues you may be experiencing with Centova Cast. If all went well, Centova Cast should now be listening on port 80 and you should be able to proceed with using the “Let’s Encrypt” certificate authority. Specifies the maximum monthly data transfer limit for this reseller, in megabytes MB. Listener Minutes This section contains information about listener trends over the past 7, 14, and 30 days, which help you determine how your streams’ audiences are developing over time.

You can access the event log by clicking the Event Log link in the administration area. Click the “Settings” link in the left-hand column to launch the Settings page. If a user fails to enter a correct password the specified number of times during the specified time span, his account will be locked out for the specified number of minutes, during which time he will be unable to log in even with the correct password.

Top Agents by Listener Minutes The top software used to connect to your streams is charted and graphed according to the total amount of time each software application has spent connected to your streams during the reporting period.

Average Listener Session Length The average length of a listener session is broken down into common intervals and charted and graphed.

Please note, however, that differences in your web server configuration may require additional settings not mentioned here. To access the Centova Cast settings, click the Settings link under defaullt Management heading in the administration area.

Brute-force attack prevention is applied universally across all login mechanisms, including the login form and XML API system; all login failures count toward this limit. When an account has been suspended Centova Cast supports a variety of streaming server software applications, each of which can be enabled as needed by clicking the Server Software link in the Centova Cast administrator’s control panel.

If selected, autoDJ support will be entirely disabled for this account. Centova Cast’s Remote Servers feature provides a defaulr sign-on system for managing multiple Centova Cast servers from a single interface. Note that the stream will remain offline and the client will not be able to reactivate it until the administrator unsuspends it.


The streaming server will never allow more than this number of listeners to be tuned in at the same time. The summary includes the following details:. Specifies the password to use to authenticate with your SMTP crntova. Be advised that there are serious technical considerations when using any port proxy implementation that works through a web server.

Indicates the maximum number of concurrent listeners permitted for this stream. You can accomplish this in one of two ways: Once this is done, the source software type will automatically show up next to the New Account option on the account list page.

Specifies what action Centova Cast should take when a client reaches his data transfer limit.

Knowledge Base

If set to any value other ceentova 0transcoding will be enabled which will significantly increase the CPU usage of the stream. This allows the client to switch from the autoDJ to a live source on demand.

It provides information about listener trends and demographics, data transfer, track performances and popularity, user agents, and much, much more.

Specifies the character encoding to be used by default for all new servers created by this reseller. Listeners This section provides information about your streams’ listeners. If you still require further support, please login with your billing username and password to open a centovw ticket with Centova Support.

Centova Technologies Forum – Web interface on port 80?

In brief, consider these rules as a starting point only; you are mostly on your own if you are invoking iptables manually. After configuring a web server on port 80 per the previous sectionssimply run the following command to request and install an SSL certificate for your domain of choice:.

Enable re-encoding on new servers Specifies whether or not new streaming servers should be configured to re-encode media to the stream bit rate by default. Streaming hosting providers often require that end-users provide their own streaming sources; for example, clients may use SAM Defalt, or WinAmp with the Oddcast plugin, to transmit a live stream to the streaming server.