Kabir is shell-shocked on seeing Aditi’s dead body. Sheh Aur Maat 21st June precap , youtube video of Chal Sheh Aur Maat on21st June , youtube hindi serials Chal Mahadev – 22nd June Watch Onli Ginni, fearing Kabir’s death, she begs Kabir not to wear the costume. Two lovebirds Rishi and Neha go to their honeymoon.

Sheh Aur Maat June 21 episode , youtube Chal Sheh Aur Maat 21st June episode , Chal Sheh Aur Maat 21st June rulez , watch online Chal She had first accepted Kabir whole heartedly as her son. Sheh Aur Maat 21 June apna tv , Chal Sheh Aur Maat episodes 21 June , hindi serial Chal

Rishi does not carry the job on the wedding day.

Sheh Aur Maat 21 JuneChal The music and the background score is composed by Manish. Aditi decides to tell everything what Msat had planned.

Sheh Aur Maat 21st June precapyoutube video of Chal Kabir deftly and smartly makes Ija reveal her crimes ufll by one. Their plan however faces a glitch when Kabir and Karan kidnap Rishi, and Aditi hadn’t expected it.

Khatron Ke Khiladi 9. While Aditi’s final rites are being performed, the heavens open and pull up Aditi. Kabir explains that she is a look like of Aditi, so he can pose her as Aditi. Saubhagyavati Bhava – 23rd Jun Bhoomi is a Indian Hindi-language episoed drama film directed and co-produced by Omung Kumar.


Aditi gives Ija an open challenge that she will reveal the so-called Sarkar’s real face to every one. Aditi gives it to him. Ginni pleads Mata Rani that she wants to see and hug Aditi before she goes to Heaven.

Chhal – Sheh Aur Maat Title card. Ranveer hires Puru to carry the job, ordering him to kill Kabir while he is in his clown costume. She is shehh that Aditi is in the clown’s costume. With help of Ginni, she will reveal her killer.

Puru had also failed in kidnapping her in the mental asylum. Hiring Puru Ginni’s real father to kaat Kabir had already failed at the house birthday party of Ginni.

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Aditi then starts planning how she would destroy Kabir, as she suspects he had married her only for her wealth. Kabir’s uncle is transformed, as he finds out that Aditi had signed half of her property in his daughters’ names, in case Aditi dies. Bhairavi Raichura Nandita Mehra.

Sheh Aur Maat 21 June Sheh Aur Maat 21st June youtubeyoutube serial Chal Bhoomi trailer launch on August Ranveer also teams up with Ija to kill Kabir.

Chhal — Sheh Aur Maat English: Aditi comes to know that Ija wants to kill Kabir because he solely has inherited his father’s property, and Ija wanted the property to herself. This makes Ranveer hide Puru in a desolated place, where neither the police nor Kabir would find him.


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The show culminated on 14 July Hitler Didi 25th June Episode watch online Vi The advantage is that Ginni can now hear Aditi’s soul, but only after the sun sets everyday. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. It is loosely based on Malayalam movie Karmayodha. It premiered on 28 May and is produced by Rashmi Sharma Telefilms.

Mrinal Jha Johana Mahrat.

Sheh Aur Maat 21 June promoyoutube Chal While everyone believes that Aditi has survived the accident, Kabir’s youngest brother Ranveer and Kabir’s uncle have a doubt. Sheh Mazt Maat 21 June today episodeChal It aired on Bindass channel from 25 August to 7 August She succeeds in completing all the seven vows.

The movie was panned by critics.