I got to care about most of the characters, but I’m sad not all of them were used to their full potential. Moonwhat a cute duo. But I didn’t quite get the rest although I didn’t watch all of the episodes so it was wrong of me and that’s probably why I forgot the only “Wonderland scene”, so I’ll take your words for it, like Tommy Hong representing the Cheshire cat, etc. I could not relate to her. Know thyself warts and all , yet not lose your inner bearing, and you know when to move on, when to love, when to forgive and ask forgiveness, …. I love PSH very much too.

Park Young Ji Supporting Cast. Overall I think the show was pretty good, though the writing could be better especially in the middle of the show , I did enjoy the ride very much. Before SK and SJ got back together at the end, and she was interviewing for new things and moving on, and he was moving on too Your explanation and how the loose ends are wrapped up shows me how this series that I was kind of meh about totally satisfied me with its ending, while another, that shall be nameless for this thread, did not. Seung Jo picks Se Kyung up and carries her off. Windsun33 January 30, at

I think it looks promising I hope you will consider…. She could have stayed on and destroyed herself by feeling subservient and totally beholden to them.

It’s interesting that I enjoy Moon Alive in the movies she makes but I haven’t been able to appreciate her in dramas. It was just LOL because it was overdone.


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But i loved reading your recaps…. I wish Yoon Jo would have cheongdamdobg chance to see her ex-husband being married to another heiress but feeling miserable 5. Episode 12 by LollyPip. Thought they didn’t go to Paris as promise but the ending is very very satisfying! The actors did what they could do but the material wasn’t enough to begin with. Her blank stare of constant surprise really got to me after awhile. Cinderella sister was the reason I start loving her and start watching and searching for all her dramas and movies I wish Tommy Hong would have a chance with Se Kyung 3.

I hate it how “bad” characters in dramas are never bad.

In Hwa’s strong presence also just I questioned Tommy’s change in attitude towards Se-Kyung. Skip to secondary content.

I may not have seen that many compared to most of you, anyhow, I don’t think there’s a korean drama with so many layers to peal and discern.

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I think I start to fall for PSH, going to check princess prosecutor later. ShinRaeMi07 January 30, cheongdamdohg 6: Time to move on. I feel the actors for the OTP were miss-matched. They know all kind of juicy secrets about everyone in Cheongdam-dong and could make good use of them Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: As for the acting, I think both actors can do better and lets not forget the pd also says how he wished the actors to act in certain scenes and lets not forget the live shooting system.


Unfortunately they work by sponsors and ratings in Korea means a lot…. Mystisith January 30, at 7: But what I enjoyed the most was the fact that it never shied away from making us question what our xlice values were, and from a harsher reality that is rarely seen in most romantic comedies.

Good riddance to them. You can subtitle on Viki and be part of the community too! Park Shi Hoo, wow!!!

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In the end Han Se won again, just like that drawing competition in the past, because she was more honest. There was no ulterior motive. I wish the kiss scene would be improved! He no longer wanted to doubt her feelings. They should have spent more time on her and how she worked hard for every bit of her past successes, they have to spend less time on the previous boyfriend, they need to show us her heart.