Im debating whether I should start or not. They both like each other! I love the side characters a ton in here, especially Ah-jung loved the actress in Reply , Secretary Moon, and Yoon Joo. Was so in vain Off to watch it the second time Thank you so much for the recaps, help me to keep up can’t watch, I should work this holiday T-T Off to watch EP7 now!

Question regarding the cell phones in these dramas: He tries to lean in, but each time he gets closer, she pulls away. At least I am having a great time out of that land of angst and broken dreams. Shocked, Han Se-kyung hurries out the door and gets on a bus immediately. He points out that she has a good relationship with her dad, but she explains that it is so-so. Dong-wook teases him for being over thirty and worrying about a kiss. Secretary moon finds Seo In-chan’s location; he is at his mom’s funeral at the time.

Seung-jo returns to his office and learns that GN Fashion will host a preview of their collaboration in cheongdamding Royal Group Department Store. Also, judging from Seung Jo’s crushed expression when Se Kyung “broke up” with him. I do like this drama, but with this episode, my fondness for it epidode fading fast.

He’s such a slimy sleazy creep. I for one find her portrayal of Han SeKyung compellingly rich and fascinating! Abbi Kay December 28, at 8: Did he expect her to grab him?

I think these women both need to see that a life without money might be painful, but a life without love is not even worth having. That comment is to be humble and modest, the two traits every youngster should show an elder. I think they have to do it in the next 2 episodes and then let us watch Se Kyung try to unravel the mess she has wrought, or else the audience will start cheering against the heroine. Back at the hospital, Yoon Joo flashes back to her conversation with President Nam when she agreed to leave Seung Jo in exchange for graduating and a recommendation letter.

That in itself was revealing about the very same social biases Se-kyung talks about when she is cornered by Tommy. She promises never to deceive him again, to treat him better in the future, and hopes that she can continue to love him freely without any further obstacles. Would In Hwa be considered a gold digger since she is already rich? In her life she can never escape love.


I’m watching Ohlala Couple to pass the time thanks for your awesome comment, Orion.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 7 Recap

Seeing his son treats him poorly, Cha ll-nam leaves angrily. She got the idea from a movie, which Psycho-jo has seen.

When he is about to head out, Secretary Moon brings in gifts from Han Se-kyung. I always feel like shaking the heroine and telling her: I think the happy, grinning, love-sick puppy behind you will. Close your eyes and listen to her. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: She acts like nothing happened yesterday. After watching this episode, I am glad that I am not alone with the way I felt.

Psycho-jo has some trouble dragging her out and the noise disturbs Se-kyung, who shrugs it off and gets back to work, noticing the bracelet she made and another bracelet, the silver cuff with the S.

Guess I was thinking too many hateful thoughts about Se-keung when I wrote it.

Her problem is that Tommy knows. We all already know she that she is terrible at losing graciously, even after cheating.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 7 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

That was so funny! Seung-jo returns to his office, looking dismal enough for Secretary Moon to notice. The more gleeful Seung-jo is, the more disappointed he will be later. If Se-kyung can resist him, she is not a woman.

Alice in Cheongdam-dong: Episode 9 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

Like Yoon Joo and Seung Jo did. Will she continue to help In-hwa get together with Seung-jo? He’s all business, then all emo, then all cute-as-a-button, then all stuttering also cute as a button.

You are SUCH a guy. I think my perfect story would have picked up from the end of ep 7, they happily learn that they are each other’s true love, a montague of falling in love dating, leading to a manic romantic over the top proposal and reca happily ever after. She barges into the apartment even though Psycho-jo tries to stop her. Seung-jo’s adorable awkwardness and correspondingly loveably gleeful dorkyness aside, CdA is cheingdamdong comedy in the sense that it will have a happy ending.


First, thanks for the recap. Anywhoo, if the staple of KDrama is messy lives, I think CdA offers a fresh perspective on messy lives in cheongcamdong context of a Comedy – for this IS a comedy and not just a melodrama or a straight up tragedy – like the dozens that rend our hearts and wring out every last tear from our exhausted wellsprings of woe This episode made me firmly on the side of those two ladies where I had been wavering before.

Drama Fever has only made 9 available, which disappointed me. If love had a time limit, I hope mine would last ten thousand years. Left and right people were expressing outrage that CdA was glorifying a gold digger. He is so in the moment and discussing how love is the one emotion that makes people willing to do anything despite the steep price to pay.

The person that annoyed me the most out of these episodes was Tommy Hong. I agree, this episode was slower than the others, but maybe necessary? Se Kyung realizes and asks cheondamdong the second and third dangers are also….

Can I have him? So I find this particular plot line annoying and I can barely watch their scenes. But i think SK is going to have to face the reality that she indeed tried to catch a big fish. How telling is that? Was so in vain Off to watch it the second time He, on the other hand, is giddy and twirls around the street and also clutches his heart.