Among North American reviewers, Gia Manry, writing about the first episode of Chihayafuru , felt that despite the animators’ efforts, karuta seemed boring, and criticised the overuse of CG sakura , describing it as a “mixed bag” of an anime. Archived from the original on 7 August Keep in mind they have restrictions in place to avoid spam. Though that whole thing is anime original. Show continues to impress me its seriously awesome. Archived from the original on 14 November It reeks of deathflag. Besides, some actually thinks that Arata is the better looking one.

This was way better than the last few episodes. Bathtime massage on her underwear It was so awesome! That changes when she meets a boy named Arata Wataya, a talented karuta player. Not only is Arata less good looking, but he hasn’t even been there. Neither men deserves to be stuck with her. Do not post Hentai here.

Yeah fuck these assholes. Why’d Chihaya only blush after she got the message from Arata? Taichi is too good for Chihaya, but since he obviously loves her so much chihayfauru would be nice if they ended up together.

Peisode never realize how great madhouse is with animation until I watched Chihayafuru. I can’t wait to see how things progress now that they are a club and I hope to see Arata in the next episodes.

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Log in or sign animeultimz in seconds. Also I grew to love pretty much every character, despite their flaws. The [Misc Fanart] flair is used to post art in other forms or even in drawings for specific cases that don’t match the two above. I just realized that the “Stay Cool” is for both Eugeo and us, the audience, because I sure as hell was fuming during Humbert’s confrontation.


And I loved the fluff between her and Taichi. Actually why chihayfuru someone say stay cool for farewell? It’s sad their triangle relationship I’m not into love stories, but this series deserves a kissing scene between them.


I like how Eugeo thinks about himself not doing nothing when they take alice when Kirito talks about sometimes you need to break the law in favour of justice, and shows he think he is weak for not steping in in the past. Want to add to the discussion? Anime add that weird scene by themselves.

There is a limit of 4 clips per user per week. Together, they form the Mizusawa Karuta Club. If not for these norms and rules, Kirito would’ve blown up ages ago.

This just made my day. And Taichi was about to give me a heart attack when he ate the animeultia in Chi’s spoon xD. This show is just so cute and funny. Being Taichi is suffering.

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Archived from the original on 12 June On 11 Aprilit was reported that the series would be adapted into a live-action film. Anyway can’t wait for the next episode!


I mean, what friggin’ top-down AI episods government networks for fun out of boredom much less when her ‘father’ is in danger.

Neither men deserves to be stuck with her. Here is a flowchart that will help you understand how to post Fanart. Although, I can see starting to like Taichi as well considering how snimeultima time they’re spending together now and Taichi is being a tad bit forward. The beginning of the episode was setting up Eugeo to find his motivation for greater strength.

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In the LN the rest of the cast didn’t get informed about the situation till much later. We try hard to keep the spam filter clean of legitimate content, but it catches a lot of posts.

Adverage episode until the heart wrenching ending. I don’t think they will try to “get out of it”, there is no reason for them. Retrieved 12 November Archived from the original on 24 September Can’t believe how likeable he turned out to be, I honestly hadn’t expected that after watching the first few episodes.