In this article we are using a 32T screen. We performed the steps in sub dued light. You have a couple of options, you can use direct emulsion and build up the coats or you can use a capillary film — which is a sheet already coated with an emulsion. How well they are exposed, will there be any noticeable undercutting on that thick of a stencil, edge definition, etc. A Lot of trips. The exposure time on a 5, watt MH is 1. With wax systems, it is super opaque. You will likely have to coat 4 times using the squeegee — if you can hear the squeegee rub on the mesh it means you need more coats of emulsion.

For different shops, there can be different print modes geared to the majority of the type of work they do. Strong in licensed sports apparel. Put some blocking tape squeegee side of the screen around the edges of the film. We then exposed the screen for seconds, we are using a WPS Mini Exposure Unit uses actinic tubes with built in drying cabinet. This is specific to our unit. Make sure your screen is completely free of grease and dirt. This is obviously anecdotal and I’ve provided no hardware specs and even fewer specifics about every other detail. Takes about 10 seconds to change out.

I also have no information on, but then again, you’re probably not trying to hold. Each of those provides a different level of ink lay down and production speed. I cannot speak of the units with less LED’s. We do thick stencils, micron screens on ours. Please login or register. Also to get consistent coats is difficult and there is always a risk that another emulsion coat which be added to a coat which has not completely dried which reduces light sensitively and can lead to premature stencil failure.


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That’s probably an extreme example. February 20, Dottonedan Administrator Gonzo Cnromaline Posts: Logged Nothing to see here, move along bimmridder Gonzo Member Posts: Over 28 yrs in the apparel industry.

Strong in licensed sports apparel. You can purchase a pusher bar to adjust for your films. I’m not find of that technique but many order to streamline and have less options. I believe the exposure time was around 3 minutes and 30 seconds We use a standard dual cure emulsion to laminate the PHAT fil onto the mesh. We were exposing that same 60 mesh and emulsion in one shot at 25 seconds using the back panel.

Logged Rich Hoffman Print Pages: What kind of answer is that, you would think we live and work in the back of a VW micro bus, traveling to Grateful Dead love ins selling tie dyed boot legged t-shirts that are ‘smoked’ rather than cured by a bunch of un bathed, tattooed, pony-tailed, free love political radicals.

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I was at another shop where they were exposing 60 mesh two times using dual cure. Then you will need know how to create a high build stencil.

Photokina Chemicals

How to Create High build stencils Illustrated Step by Step Guide Looking to give your designs the edge with a 3D raised look or wanting to add some texture to your designs?


The other key factor is how black is the image? Both chrmoaline still have light sensitivity when developed.

We used the following equipment and consumables: So there again, yes, it can be done on ours, just don’t have a good estimate on exp time. Chromaline PHAT film micron. Use exposure unit, sold the MH? Throw them in the sun for added exposure strength.

What do you need to create a High Density Stencil?

High Build Stencils – How to guide

PHAT film is coated in a Photopolymer emulsion which is fast exposing but you need to be as accurate with exposure timings as much as possible. In short, this provides versatility. Al, I appreciate your knowledge and experience.

An old co-worker of mine got a hold of me recently to let me know about his adventures with his new LED exposure unit, which has blown him away. February 21, The “ink” types of DTS are as far as I have seen, more than able to produce the best opacity tilm for screen print. Looking to give your designs the edge with a 3D raised look or wanting to add some texture to your designs?