Polaris Disney Digital Network. I’m trying to give birth to my babies and you decided to attack me? We finally dock at the Isle of Gust and start our search for the Temple entrance! Genie of the Camp chuggaaconroy 1 years ago. New Leaf – Nature Day chuggaaconroy 4 years ago. Tri Force Heroes [81]. E-mel atau Telefon Kata Laluan Lupa akaun? A lot of people care about you and I know you’ve helped me through the darker times of my life right now.

I could listen to you all day! Pikmin 2 – Episode 49 chuggaaconroy 7 years ago. Kirby’s Return to Dreamland [60]. Episode 18 of The Legend of Zelda: Retrieved June 11, Wii Party U [82]. Brawl Wii – YouTube”. Bloysters are based on sea slugs, which have those wiggly edges and eye stalks.

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Gale of Darkness [44]. Legend of the Hidden Temple.

Luigi’s Mansion – Episode 1 chuggaaconroy 7 years ago. Chugga i also had a impossible layout, it gave me a treasure that was inside a bulborb that was glitched out the map.


Mother 3 [22] [Note 3]. Super Luigi Galaxy [28] [Note 4]. Okamiden DS – YouTube”.

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Retrieved February 8, His inaugural Let’s Play of EarthBound is so far the first and only game Rosales-Birou has Let’s Played twice once inthe second in to possibly coincide with the 10th anniversary of making Let’s Plays on his channel.

June 13, — July 27, [Note 2].

Chuggaaconroy 19 Februari jam 2: Up-Chuckola Cola chuggaaconroy 3 years ago. It was pretty close to the gate and the Dwarf Bulbears following the mother were on the lower level, so I could carry the corpse back to base without any kind chuggaaconry intervention by any of the other enemies whatsoever. New Leaf – Nature Day chuggaaconroy 4 years ago.

Episode 1 of The Legend of Zelda: The Hole of Heroes is home to all the bosses. Chuggaaconroy 16 Februari jam 2: This cave is an exam to see how good you are at killing the bosses.

April 7, — June 3, [Note 7]. Secret Ending chuggaaconroy 4 years ago.


EarthBound [54] [Note 8]. Mario Party 3 [65]. Rosales-Birou is a native of Phoenix, Arizona. Pikmin 2 – Episode New Leaf – Welcome amiibo – Day 2: Going to be doing some maintenance on the channel today!

Gaminglet’s play.

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Chuggaaconroy 16 Februari jam 8: We go and find a carnival game on a deserted island! Retrieved December 17, Retrieved June 11, By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Tri Force Heroes [81]. Retrieved September 14, Made a video with GameXplain about Gen 8 hopes. Gale of Darkness – Bonus 5: We play the hottest new episove on Molida Island!