Ziggler told Bryan to hold on a second while he planted AJ with a kiss, Daniel Bryan kicked Ziggler in the head for a two count, and it was great. Louis Cardinals are standing in their way, and they are the class of the National League. Fandango Jericho will probably take another hiatus from the WWE with the selling of the knee injury, but Fandango got what he needed out of this match and he gets a win over Chris Jericho. He gave us enough! I figured the WWE would throw in the mixed tag match they had advertised here, but it got bumped, probably because they had 16, Rock vs. Alan Tudyk was very convincing as Ben Chapman, Philadelphia manager in

Coming Soon Check back often for great sports talk radio, podcasts, articles and more! I will, at times, take you right up to the dressing room door and sometimes in the dressing room with me. SVU , is very memorable as Leo Deroucher. I will attempt to convey the physical and mental pain my brothers and sisters in this business endure. I will take you inside my world of travel on the Indy circuit. Outside of an appearance on the Fox TV sci-fi classic series, Fringe; this is basically my introduction to his true acting abilities, and I hope he continues to find work in Hollywood. Punk taunted, and put on a glorious performance only Punk can do. This would have been a plus in my book.

I will talk about life on the road which, contrary to popular belief, is not a glamorous world. Stay tuned my Stud Nation. We are very excited to have so many commitments!

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Allow me to introduce myself. Christopher Meloni Oz and Law and Order: Regardless Henry holds onto the rope and collapses on top of Ryback and rolls him over for the pin. I was not a fan of the no selling of Undertaker, although really fanddango. I will attempt to convey the physical and mental pain my brothers and sisters in this business endure.

This was one of my favorite matches on the card, probably third on my list and the WWE surprisingly kept the continuity of The Shield working so solid as a three man team. Alberto Del Rio vs. You can always catch any of our past shows for free on demand at www.


When you can, take a listen!! There were a lot of pushes and tests of strength, with Henry dominating most of the match. Triple H I can tolerate as a wrestler, he does well, or good enough but he always has to be the coolest, savviest, guy in the room. He gave us enough! There were some obvious historical errors in relation to the hats and uniforms.

Will I be able to pick it right back up? I dislocated my shoulder March and had surgery Jan 4 It is an American historical film, in a classic dramatic presentation with perfectly placed humorous lines performed quite well by Harrison Ford. Also, if you were at the event live you would have got to see Jack Swagger ride in on a jeep, which would have been awesome to see because wrestlers and vehicles have a pretty good track record with me.

Below are the confirmed guests for the fall sports season! It has been 13 months since I stepped into the ring. Tonight at 7pm eastern at www.

Also, between each match a promo plays for The Rock vs. I will be offering my insights on the great world of Pro Wrestling. Winner and new WWE Champion: When you care about a sport and have a passion for. The rehab was long and painful, to get a shoulder back to the level of the pounding it takes in the ring is long and hard work. More updates to follow on my long road back. This is the most uncensored, unbiased and unpredictable sports talk show on the Internet today!

John Cena Overall, the first half of Mania I thought was a really fun show, I was bummed to see Ziggler not cash in and get his WrestleMania moment, and even though I did not think I would, I really missed some of the backstage segments, instead all we got was Rock and Cena commercials, where I really thought something special was going to happen between them.

The Undertaker There is A LOT to write about this match action wise as it was one of the most fast paced matches of the night. The Shield isolated Big Show for most of the match, with a couple of great spots with Sheamus working Ambrose on the outside and making the hot tag after Show was tagged out.


I would love to hear your comments on the show, or better yet, leave a voicemail comment on the show with our voicemail feature on this website. It is a sports film. I figured the WWE would throw in the mixed tag match they had miedlesboro here, but it got bumped, probably because they had 16, Rock vs.

Alan Tudyk was very convincing as Ben Chapman, Philadelphia manager in We would love jy hear from you.

I doubt many would even notice this unless they are baseball geeks. I felt like there was more that we could have seen, and more that we needed to see! SVUis very memorable as Middlesbork Deroucher. Team Hell No In reality the only people Daniel Bryan and Dolph Ziggler have pinned in the last few months it seems like has been each other, in a perfect world I like to think these guys are just single handedly keeping the Internet happy by pinning one another.

If you remember last year, fansango special really happened during the match, a lot of arm bars and head locks, a lot of time for The Rock to catch his breath.

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I will give my unbiased thoughts on the Kentucky Indy scene. I guess since The Miz and Wade Barrett kicked off WrestleMania on the pre-show, the only logical thing for me to do would be to write a pre-review, over the pre-show. Some of my favorite Henry matches are with smaller guys such as Punk and Daniel Bryan. A lot of storytelling during this match took place which I personally loved.

Poor Miz main evented this same event just two years ago and his fall from grace has put him in the main event of a pre-show that people watch and 50 actually pay attention to. Join the Steve Black Show Gang as we preview the matches coming up this Sunday, as well as talk everything wrestling.