Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystals and their thermoset films. Synthesis and characterization of lithium fluoride nano crystals doped with silver. The isolated complex was characterized by the elemental analysis, IR spectroscopy and cyclic voltammetry. Morphological importances of different growth facets of the as grown crystals were studied through optical goniometry. Fundamental material properties have been dramatically altered in the nano scale regime because of quantum confinement effect. Two 2-methylbenzimidazole N-atom donors and one terminal thiocyanate N atom complete a highly distorted square pyramid geometry around the Cd atom. Synthesis and structural characterization of CsNiP crystal.

Comparing with the conventional liquid anti-solvent crystallization LASC , CMASC which successfully introduces ceramic membrane with regular pore structure to the LASC as feeding medium, is favorable to control the rate of feeding rate and, therefore, to obtain size and morphology controllable AP. Studies showed that the GaInSe 2 crystals are hexagonal ones. Gold Au nanomaterials have attracted wide research attention, owing to their high chemical stability, promising catalytic properties, excellent biocompatibility, unique electronic structure and outstanding localized surface plasmon resonance LSPR absorption properties; all of which are closely related to their size and shape. Both LDA and PBE calculations show excellent agreement with experimental observations and previous calculations for the existing modifications, where available. Due to its unconventional two-dimensional structure, CsPb2Br5 is being looked at broadly for potential applications in optoelectronics. The characterization techniques indicated They are known for their various biological properties and as an important class of compounds in medicinal chemistry. The optical and PL properties of the compound were investigated in the solid state at room temperature and exhibited three bands at and cm-1 and a strong fluorescence at nm.

Large Raman shifts and strong Raman scattering intensity indicate that TPPB is a potential candidate in Raman-scattering-based nonlinearity e.

Synthesischaracterizationantimicrobial activity and molecular Investigations carried out in this work confirm these calculations.

In this study, experimental and theoretical investigations of tungsten based silicides were performed. Molybdenum complex, Hydrazone ligand, Crystal structure, X-ray diffraction, Thermal property. The aim of this dissertation was to intelligently synthesize and characterize the material and biological properties of HA films on metallic substrates synthesized by hydrothermal crystallizationusing thermodynamic phase diagrams as the starting point.


The experimentally measured density and chemical compositions were found to be in good agreement with the theoretical values. Synthesis and characterization of new ionic liquids. By using amidinates as chelating ligands the electron deficiency of indium atom will be resolved.

The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal activities of the title compound were performed using the disc diffusion method against standard bacteria Escherichia coli, Xanthomonas oryzae and against the fungus Aspergillus niger and Aspergillus flavus.

Synthesis and structural characterization of CsNiP crystal. The spin Hamiltonian and bonding parameters are calculated based on EPR studies. First of all in specific condition maleic anhydride, octene 1, and vinyl butyl ether were polymerized to form a terpolymer as the result of radical ter polymerization.

Characterization and crystal structures of new Schiff base macrocyclic compounds. Full Text Available The paper deals with investigation of a new nonlinear optical material based on nonlinear optical chromophore 4-Nitrophenol and aminopyridine 2,6-Diaminopyridine.

SynthesisCharacterizationAntimicrobial Activity and Antioxidant. The most significant method is in situ synthesis and assemble of sulphide semiconductor nano crystals on polymer. This paper illustrates the recent advances in the growth and characterization of silicon crystals heavily doped with antimony, arsenic, phosphorus and boron.

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Electrical properties such as ac conductivity and activation energy were studied for different temperatures in the frequency range from 40 Hz to 6 MHz. As a consequence, the controlled synthesis of well-defined actinide-based nano- crystals constitutes a fundamental step before studying their corresponding properties.

Synthesis of vaterite and aragonite crystals using biomolecules cinwma tomato and capsicum.

Furthermore, non-linear optical NLO properties were investigated by calculating polarizabilities and hyperpolarizabilities. This paper presents the synthesis and characterization of new salts of Bronsted with branched lactate or large chain anions oleate for future use as additives promoters of proton conductivity in fuel cells of ethanol. The results show that there are several factors that influence the synthesis.


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A systematic thermal analysis on the precursors for the corresponding oxides and carbonates were carried out to synthesized bulk samples. One dimensional coordination polymers: The structure of complex cinea was determined by single- crystal X-ray diffraction. Computed molecular geometry has been obtained by density functional theory DFT and compared with experimental results.

Astonishingly, it does not crystallize isotypically with Co2PO4F but rather isotypically with the hydroxyl minerals caminite Mg1.

Ionothermal synthesiscrystal structure, and magnetic study of Co2PO4OH isostructural with caminite. Controlled synthesis of thorium and uranium oxide nano- crystals. They have found their way in both large-scale and miniature applications of polymer brushes, which is covered in the last section. Synthesischaracterization and application of nanozeolite NaX from Vietnamese kaolin.

Thus, control of Fe3O4 particle morphology was achieved by a simple hydrothermal treatment using additives.

The formation of icnema depends upon the presence of bound bacterial cardiolipin and phospholipid molecules; when they were removed, the complex failed to crystallize. Full Text Available Have been obtained 2-aminoethanesulfonic acid taurine from ethanolamine, sulfuric acid and sodium sulfite during the synthesis in laboratory condition. The calcium phosphate particles cinsma synthesized using two different liquid crystalsformed from RenexTM, cyclohexane and a salts solution.

It has very high surface area and pore volume. In this polymer, each Ag I ion occupies distorted trigonal pyramidal geometry coordinating with two.