This little oasis away from the bustle of the city features beautifully preserved buildings from the surrounding area, including wooden churches and artisan houses furnished with traditional wooden furniture and textiles. Panorama Hotel , Calea Baciului nr. These Cable Car lines stop near Regionala Cfr: You should avoid them as they charge at least several times the normal fee. Cosmopolitan events on three floors with some of the most popular groups in Romania. Retrieved from ” https: If you do not have exact change, the driver might keep this tip himself when paying back the change.

Hera , B-dul 21 Decembrie nr. Pizzeria Michelangelo , Str. Hungarian is a common language, spoken by the relatively large Hungarian minority. Cluj-Napoca can be reached by bus from Bucharest , major cities in Romania, most cities in Transylvania , and a number of major cities in Europe. Palace of Justice and National Theatre in Avram Iancu Square Taxi cabs come in all shapes and colours, they are identified by the company logo on the sign on top of the car, which will also be placed somewhere on the car body. All the respectable companies charge the same price.

All the respectable companies charge the same price. Many locations in the city. Part of the Best Balkan hostels organization. Getting there [ edit ] Getting to Cluj-Napoca is easy due to its position and its status as a major Romanian city.

Cluj-Napoca is one of the best cities in Romania for shopping, with two of the largest malls: Cluj-Napoca can be reached by bus from Bucharestmajor cities in Romania, most cities in Transylvaniaand a number of major cities in Europe. L’Atelier also known colloquially as the cardboard placeStr. Cars can be rented from the numerous operators throughout the city.


As with many other Transylvanian cities, the train is the easiest way to reach Cluj because it is an important Romanian railway hub. When going by bike take care of the traffic! The Orthodox Cathedral, with the statue of Avram Iancu. OnixSeptimiu Albini nr. Which Train lines stop near Regionala Cfr? A visionary design and futuristic lighting which challenges the borders of imagination. Michael’s Church in the Union Square — right in the middle of the city. European road E60 links it to Bucharest and Brasov to the south, Oradea and Budapest to the west, through Bors customs.

Mid-range [ edit ] Franciscan church of Cluj Aromaon the Feleacu hill. Building in downtown Cluj Cabs can also be phoned in. Shark drivers might sometimes “helpfully” offer a ride themselves; you won’t see a usual driver do that.

When planning a train trip in Romania, allow 2 hours for each hundred kilometres of journey. It may happen that you will be driven around on a longer route if you don’t know the city. Cluj-Napoca has reminders of its past all around the city. You will find budget fixed menus as well as a-la-carte menus in almost each part of the city. Cosmopolitan events on poolus floors with some of the most popular groups in Romania.

How to get to Regionala Cfr in Cluj Napoca by Bus, Train or Cable Car

The middle of the park hosts a small lake and the Chios Casino, from the terrace of which you can rent rowboats and hydrobicycles to circle the small island in the centre of the lake. You might wonder why Cluj-Napoca architecture is similar to that of in Germany. Facilities include Gym and pool. Zorki Off the Record is located in the basement under Zorki. Located near a residential neighborhood a few kilometers from the city center, Shanghai has one of the most varied selections of Chinese dishes.


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Typically you won’t pay more than 13 lei for a travel between cnema city center and some point in the suburbs. This is the official shop of ppret brand of Transylvania. Be careful to correctly punch an unused half of your ticket once in the vehicle, ticket control is relatively common and the fines are sizable. Situated in the commercial center of Cluj, close to important economic and administrative sites.

You can find such agencies scattered throughout the city centre. Molotov Pub – Str.

Cinemx can be rented from the numerous operators throughout the city. There is a developing public-funded program of a 50 self-service bike-renting-stations and bicycles network in the city, to be full operable in June If he tries to keep too much like rounding from 3. What’s more is the fact that Cluj as coty called for short is so easy to access and get around. The statue is always scaled by tourists, although officially this is not allowed. The hill can be climbed by stairs from the centre of the city.

Elite PizzaThe oldest pizza place in town. Hao Yi – Chinese. Refined menu of international selections in an elegant atmosphere. Cetatuia hill, Transilvania Hotel, the St.