A graduate of the Ecole Boulle in , Anne Fressard is an interior designer. This accompaniment incites us to dream, to savour rather than just feed and changes the whole perception of the everyday plate contents. Matthew Baker More information on library services. In the ESAD he coordinates the digital hub which he set up in , and teaches design. At the moment, the duo are working on the conception of a small range of electrical ware for the Seb group. Its frontiers go from communication to drawing typographical designs. A lecturer since in University Paris 8, her research has been the object of several publications, conferences and symposia both in France and abroad.

He is in charge of the building and real estate company CIP-Ads in which he mainly creates new building projects for living or for working but also renovation projects. Explanatory items classify and give a framework to in vivo specimens. Food design is interested therefore in the context and the valorisation of agricultural production, from the transformation by crafts and industry, to the different distribution channels, BtoB or public, in commercial spaces and in tasting, in restaurants or in the domestic context. Five objects obsidian, corner, beam, fireplace, fireplace set with a common heating function and a minimalist, geometric, black and lacquered look interact with the space and architecture, and can be used either together or separately. Find us on Facebook Reims campus group. La Sauce This association takes care of activities specific to Food Design. Plant design is on the borderline between biomimetism, urban ecology and the decorative arts and has been part of the curriculum at ESAD Reims for the last five years or more.

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A free- lance sinceshe has developed a cultural management that is geared towards contemporary creation. Programm concepts in this way can be deployed right through up to the development stage.

This gives rise to the question that is addressed to both philosophers and artists: International recruitment with CVs on a level: The process that is based around the user, the problematics of production, experiments with material, is also in part a result of the comprehension of the artistic issues that are at stake in design.


This project, inspired by the practice of customization, allows you to transform your vehicle with different modules for driving, merchandise transport or people transport. Students can also learn languages spoken in the region: Students were invited to explore the issue from their point of view as designersplacing themselves at the level of interaction between man and his environment.

And last but not least, gastronomy protramme three Michelin starred restaurants: Design, Cuisine et Geste. Just as rems nature, insects allow plants to reproduce, while the flora provides food and refuge to small wildlife.

Project designed and developed by students: She shows her work both in France and abroad: Rozenn Canevet is a historian and art critic. Compost bricks — Thomas Ballouhey Putting humus into a brick form: In the final years of the course, the teaching of graphics is directed towards problematics specific to mobile devices and digital interfaces.

She has a penchant for the themes of design and its various contemporary and historical uses, and for material culture. It acts in the present in accordance with a logic of action.

Students were asked to develop the project and imagine birdhouses, insect hotels and pots for plants. Semester 3 Semester 4 fr.

In the later years of schooling, teaching is backed up with research on structures of Social Innovation in Art, most notably in non institutional networks which are run by the people who have set them up.

The curriculum is cihema with the specialised pedagogical team and a double partnership: The School is seven minutes from the train station, by pedestrian streets.

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The Reims campus accommodates more than 1, students, over half of whom are from cihema France. He teaches technical drawing in the ESAD. A lecturer since in University Paris 8, her research has been the object of several publications, conferences and symposia both in France and abroad. The vegetal can be seen today as a product, because the scientific conception of plants and their mode of industrial production raises questions that are of a qualitative, aesthetic and human order.


She lives and works in Paris. Little, fine and frail are words suggesting the uncertain state of fragility. Despite not being able to obtain provramme degree with this option, it informs the overall activity of the Thjllois.

The following proposals are made using traditional technology introducing a new instrument in the kitchen: He also collaborates with Claire Baudrimont.

This cultural diversity makes the first two years on campus an international experience in itself, which is capped off with the third year abroad studying at one of Sciences Po’s partner universities. In Reims, students can choose between two payment centres: The food gesture becomes a means of perceiving expression organised by actions. Prorgamme projects in progress are a witness to the diversity of the sizes and the complementarity of themes that are covered: A graduate of the Ecole Boulle inAnne Fressard is an interior designer.

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D in aesthetics, sciences and technology of art. The dialogue with crafts, the industrial problematics and its renewal are at the centre of these reflections. His works are in French public collections as well as numerous private collections both in France and abroad. A full-immersion session at the company allowed students to understand its semi-artisanal production process and to develop a response to the issues facing both the business and society as a whole.

This research project relates to new sorts of indoor objects made using plant material. Thus, on the same basis, it is possible to generate radiators of varying shapes and radiant intensity.

The contributors explain their link to the work: