After they leave, Tomoya goes back and runs into the strange man from earlier; he finds out the gentleman is an acquaintance of Kotomi’s parents. Two pieces of theme music are used for the episodes; one opening theme and one ending theme. They bring the choir club over to watch the game. On the school hill the day Tomoya first met Nagisa, he and the robot become one, he calls after Nagisa, hugs her, and she is glad that he did so. The last episode was released as an original video animation on the eighth DVD on July 16, and is set in an alternate universe from the anime series in which Tomoya and Tomoyo are dating. The next day, Nagisa returns to school and talks with Tomoya, who then gives Fuko her knife back.

Nagisa enters the final months of her pregnancy, but she becomes sick again. A complete box set of Clannad was released on June 15, , featuring a new English dub of the series. Five years later, after Tomoya left Ushio with Akio and Sanae, he spends his days overwork and spending money on smoking and drinking. More people from school are not able to see Fuko anymore and now even those close to Fuko in the past are beginning to forget about her. After his first day of work, Tomoya returns to his new home completely exhausted, barely able to stay awake during his dinner with Nagisa. After failing to create a flying machine to travel to an alternate world, the Girl in the Illusionary World is dying in the snow, and the Junk Robot , created by the girl, regrets having her take the journey. After Nagisa watches Tomoya give Ushio her first bath, she and Tomoya see countless orbs of light are floating throughout the city outside the window.

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First, Youhei forgets after he went to see her in the hospital, followed by Kyou and Ryou. On the school hill the day Tomoya first met Nagisa, he and the robot become one, he calls after Nagisa, hugs her, and she is glad that he did so.

While they are at a claw craneFuko makes an appearance in, but no one seems to remember her.

Nagisa brings Tomoya through time, events before Ushio’s birth remain the same and together the voices of Tomoya and the robot note the end of his long journey.

Tomoya finally proposes to Nagisa, and she accepts.

Kyou admits that she is also in love with him, but never confessed because she was too scared to risk being rejected or hurting Ryou’s feelings. After graduating, Yusuke went on to become a successful singer-songwriterbut ultimately it all came crashing down and he started taking drugs. The night before the school festival, Nagisa looks for a flashlight in the shed, but bumps into some boxes and discovers photographs and diaries of her parent’s pasts.

Mei has become worried about her older brother Youhei since he still does not have a plan after high school, and comes to stay at Nagisa’s for the time being. After they leave, Tomoya goes back and runs into the strange man from earlier; he finds out the gentleman is an acquaintance of Kotomi’s parents.


After a grueling task of fetching soccer balls, the club still will not let Youhei back on the team. After the soccer club members leave, Tomoya and Youhei have another fight about the protection of Mei. Misae sees Igarashi with his girlfriend, and realizes the truth; she runs away, leaving Katsuki behind.

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Retrieved January 17, In case he had to leave home, he calls for both Akio and Sanae to take his place. Nagisa tries to find work and starts as a waitress at a newly opened family restaurant with Rie Nishina and Sugisaka near the school hill. A rumor still persists at the school of Fuko as a cute girl who is constantly running through the school. She tells Tomoya how he came here with his father shortly after his mother Atsuko Okazaki died, and also how his father worked very hard to support him over the years.

From Tomoya’s view, his expectation is that their lives have diverged, never to come together again, but he is surprised when Tomoyo expresses her desire to be with him again. On the way home, Tomoya starts telling Ushio about Nagisa for the first time.

He does not want his boss to find out that he has an injured shoulder, in fear that he will lose his new job. Kotomi leaves early that day, but when Tomoya, Nagisa, Kyou, and Ryou go to see her later, there is no answer at her house. The gentleman also has a birthday gift for her, which is her parents’ suitcase, that survived the plane crash and was passed from hand to hand around the world for years until he found it.

Fuko appears but not to much help, yet Tomoya manages to take Tomoyo with him to get away from the captains. Later, they notify Naoyuki and he congratulates them. While on the way home after attending his high school graduation ceremony, Tomoya sees Tomoyo waiting for him along the snowy road lined by the cherry trees.

Views Read Edit View history. Clannad visual novel Lists of anime episodes. The envelope Kotomi burned, and felt so guilty about, was actually a teddy bear catalogue. In the very last seconds of the game, Tomoya manages to make the last shot thanks to Nagisa’s voice and win the game. Youhei, however, still believes her to be the older sister, instead of the mother, of Nagisa.

Tomoya and Kyou then officially become a couple. The license holding company Sentai Filmworks licensed the Clannad anime series, [2] and Section23 Films localized and distributed the television series and the OVA starting with the first half-season box set consisting of 12 episodes with English subtitles, Japanese audio, and no English language track, which was released on March 3, The eighth DVD volume came with an additional original video animation OVA episode set in an alternate universe from the anime series where Tomoya and Kyou are dating.


Later, Fuko talks about how she has wanted to attend classes, but has never been able to. This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat However, Tomoya soon notices that Kyou has been acting strange, and confronts her.

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However, Mei still feels that her brother is hopeless even with a dependable girlfriend, and thus still worries about him. Based on epsiode fleeting comment by Youhei, Tomoya eplsode the idea to ask a girl to pose as his girlfriend so Mei will stop worrying about him. Sentai Filmworks also licensed Clannad After Story and Section23 Films localized and distributed the television series and OVA starting with the first half gogoanume box set with English subtitles released in October Back at home, Nagisa tells Tomoya that the old building of the school they went to is going to be torn down.

The two spend the next day and night together, but Tomoya finds it difficult to connect with the small child. While heading home, three members of the rival gang mistaken Youhei for Kazuto and try to fight him and Tomoya, but Tomoyo intervenes, stopping them single-handedly.

Nagisa is having trouble making friends as usual, while Tomoya and Youhei are busy being delinquents and carrying out pranks on Kyou, and inadvertently Nagisa’s, expense.

For half the game, Tomoya and the others play against first-year rookies, and manage to lead by eleven points, but then the basketball team switches with their starters and the score ggogoanime out.

Tomoya then tells Misae some things Katsuki did not get a chance to tell her. Kyou blackmails several students into coming with her position as a class representative.

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Once back at school, he finds out how Tomoyo’s reputation is dropping due to rumors of her as a gang leader, and arranges for Tomoyo to compete against several school sports clubs to boost her reputation. On the way to Hikarizaka High School, Tomoya Okazakia delinquent third-year student wishing a change to occur in his life, meets a strange girl on the hill talking to herself named Nagisa Furukawa.

At school that day, Tomoya meets two other girls: After an excruciating process, Nagisa successfully gives birth to their daughter, Ushiobut the delivery and her illness combined take their toll on her and Nagisa dies moments after seeing her newborn baby. Kyou gets the idea to have Kotomi play at her first violin recital after school in two days, obliging Kotomi to practice in the meantime.

After school, Nagisa and Tomoya meet Yukine Miyazawaa second-year student who is in charge of the library’s reference room.