Claude Never buy your electronics in Tenerife. There was an error sending your enquiry, why not try again later. Tour operators should be warning customers of this shop in Los Cristianos. Anonymous My parents just got their money stolen. All Buyers shall register at reception to obtain a buyer’s bidding card from the Auctioneers’ sale office prior to bidding. Customers have 48hrs from the end of the auction to either have collected or instructed Wellers to deliver the goods. We went to our bank and told them we wanted to apply for a chargeback on our debit card as we had been the victims of fraud. No waiver by the Auctioneers of any of these Terms shall be effective unless the Auctioneers expressly says that it is a waiver and the Auctioneers tell the Buyer and Vendor so in writing.

We intended to buy 2 tee shirts. If the Buyer fails to make payment by close of business 4. Shame because been there lots of times. Jul 30, Rating avoid this shop by: For general shipping information from the auctioneer please see below: What a shame I didn’t see this blog before. This was sent signed delivery.

You may apply this link http: Anonymous My parents just got their money stolen. Never allow yourself to even be spoken to by them, ignore them completely, even if you feel you are mpvie ignorant, don’t weaken, they know how to get you into the shops, simply walk past, if they come to you and grab your arm, which some will do, threaten to call the police, pull out your phone and start dialling, they’ll go away. Aug 13, Rating Sparks in Torviscas Tenerife by: We went to our bank and told them we wanted to apply for a chargeback on our debit card as we had been the victims of fraud.


I’m surprised at all the small minded people making the same comments. However, when the FBI draws closer to Hoffman, he is forced to set a game into motion, twb Jigsaw’s grand scheme is finally‚Ķ.

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We asked for a refund, but he refused, so we just took the Ipad and got a taxi back. The person who served us was from India and movoe was very nice and seemed genuine. Mar 21, Rating Credit Card Scams by: Shame because been there lots of times. We made a lot of verbal noise in the shop and asked for a return of our money.

The Auctioneers cannot accept liability for any damage sustained due to disregard of this warning, except for liability for personal injury or death caused by the negligence of the Auctioneers. Ferro-Tab mg 60 Tablets. On the micro card is the text printed a. We were also told if we have a problem we can take the camera back to Curry’s which we did and they informed us that they have never heard of this type of camera. It is the national fraud intelligence bureau. Said it was top of the range.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9. Anonymous So sad to hear about this – especially when your husband was so ill – if I can help in anyway – let me know – it is very stressful – I had to do all the donkey work to get our money back – even now that we have – I have still not had any written correspondence from our bank – just telephone calls to say it was sorted and am satisfied it is – it can be done but you have to be tenacious and don’t give in.


If they stop you or ask you what phone or tablet you have or are using, if you’re a pensioner then dont tell them anything.

Brian Sorry to say I’m another victim. They drove us there but suggested we walk back. Ends from 28 Apr The bank are aware of everything and we have sent the phones back to Tenerife.

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Anonymous We went on holiday to Torviscas in Tenerife. Was this comment helpful?

They have locked it with an encrypted key as they own the phone until paid off. Then they say they will download for free all the games, TV etc but you need to collect it the day before you go home!!!!!!!!

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Are you a GPS Expert? Do not be put off, persist in this way and if everyone and I mean everyone does this we will have this practice stopped. Grade is Salvage when: E A film wrap over the entire moovie. Yashica Europe Ultra HD avoid like the plague. A concerned son My father was duped into paying euros for what he thought was the latest Yashica ultra HD video camera.