I never would’ve imagined that it would be of this much help to me in this sort of circumstance, but I truly thank you guys. Still using an older version of Movie Collector? Never a dull moment at the CLZ HQ… Here we were, working on nice improvements for our software, when suddenly… the guys at Apple had a brainwave: February 6th, v Flex is so much faster and easier for finding info about a movie. Clicking in certain parts of the screen could cause Access Violations. Different templates for the movie details panel. IMDb features are back!

The free CLZ Cloud service is at the center of all our cataloging solutions desktop, mobile and web , the glue that binds them all together. Of course, we were already aware that Apple would be going this route some day; the rumours have been around for quite a while. Just find your movie by title Search-As-You-Type is also active here! Now fully macOS Mojave compatible! Manually change the order of movies in box sets October 11th, Better visibility for selected items in your lists. Use checkboxes on the left to select fields.

Right-click to Modify the name of a person in the list. Other changes Several tweaks to improve the trial mode experience: Click Add Box Set at the bottom right and all contained movies will be added to your database, automatically linked by a box set movir. Use the integrated Find Cover tool to select the cover image. Editing a movie from a box set could mess up the order of the movies in that box set. I owe this site a massive thank you. A nice new box set panel at the top of the movie details for each of the contained movies.

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Customizable pre-sets for sorting, columns and folders: Especially when having LOTS of folders in the folder panel e. More improvements to Add Movies Automatically screen September 13th, There are a couple of details Movie Collector doesn’t retrieve, such as the running time, but that’s probably due to the fact that most movies have different running times in different countries.


While I personally “did not” hate the box set original change. The movie will now be selected in your list, with the details showing in the Details Panel. Sync with CLZ Cloud: Adding movies by title: The result is that the program is now a lot more enjoyable to use.

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Movie Collector offers powerful batch commands, for performing actions on multiple movies in one go, e. Now showing the list of the contained movies, coloectorz the correct order, AND with clickable links to go straight to the other movies in the set!

I just wanted to wish you and your family a wonderfull xmas and a better new year. Click the little arrow to the right of the Columns or Sort Order button to select from and manage your field presets. To clear a field, just click the checkbox and leave the box empty. Movie Collector version 19 has arrived! See it in action: It is a good indication of 1. Different templates for the movie details panel.

Simplified screens for selecting Column, Sort and Folder fields.

Added search-as-you-type to pick list fields March 22nd, v Just search our online movie database by collecorz or by barcode. Luckily, our Mac developer Ronald was able to fix the Preferences screen to make it work on the new macOS.

Automatically add multi-movie box-sets August 9th, Just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the awesome products you guys are building for us collectors! Added search-as-you-type to pick list fields March 22nd, Your cloud viewer always shows the current state of your collection. Not sure what I ocllector do without it. Clicking in certain parts of the screen could cause Access Violations.


A nice re-designed box set panel at the top of the movie details for each of the contained movies. Title searches are now much faster, as the program does not download all edition listings for all movies anymore.

《电影信息收集管理软件》( Movie Collector Pro)v8.2.3[压缩包]

The GUI is very intuitive and the program is very easy to get into. Thank you for having a great program, by going thought this exercise I have learnt so much, I am more than happy right now so I think a beer would be in order. I want you to know I appreciate the cllector to have a choice. Click the Add button.

Alternatively, use the Title tab and enable the new Box Set search to find box sets by their title. This new Box Set tab will let you select which movies are in the box, so that you can add it anyway. The List View now features checkboxes on the left. When done, it will report the number of movies it has updated the Ratings and Votes for. Search Results on the left, Preview on the right.

Movie Collector can also catalog your movie files. A Service Plan is necessary to use the following services: Sometimes crashed during the upload of covers.