This game can also be played as a duel with two poles. If they fail to get the key, they therefore cannot be released and then become a prisoner. The contestant must go through the tube, pick up the plates, go back through the tube, and slide them through the mechanism which causes plates on the other end of the tube to come out. Vasily Livanov Aleksandr Adabashyan The contestant climbs through the cell window where, on the outside wall of the Fort, there is a row of very thin ledges. Cycling along on the upside-down bicycle, the contestant comes to three rolled up flags. Fort Boyard has aired on many networks around the world.

At the top, he or she passes the ball into a hole, then it will roll down the path and release the key near the exit. As of , there have been 41 characters in the French version. The contestant s must climb up the side of the fort using only the rocks on the wall face. Archived from the original on 24 July This must be repeated until the key is found. As the fan is so loud the contestants are unable to hear anything; a red light goes on when there are 10 seconds left to get out. It was briefly revived by Challenge in for one series, with a ten-part documentary, Fort Boyard: The person in the swing seat has no control, so even if they want to stop, they can’t unless their team lets them.

Unfortunately, the key may fall into the tiger cage and be irretrievable. Retrieved 23 December Comeyd takes form of a game, called Abandoned Cabinin the French version.

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On both occasions, the gold collected was lost as a result. Once again in this part of the game the contestants have to complete a series of challenges, but instead of playing for keys they are playing for clue words. The name of the game may change from country-country; but the game itself remains the same like in Phase One, where possible, names from Ultimate Challenge will be used. The team then have to unlock a box with the code to get the clue canister.

The years below are for when the game was played or last present at the comwdy, in the French version or Ultimate Challenge.

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The maze consists of 20 barrels, including one that cannot move, and these barrels must be moved so that the key can be freed. The player has to climb along these to the next window, grab the key, and shuffle back again.


The contestant climbs through the cell window where, on the outside wall of the Fort, there is a row of very thin ledges. There are various things in each box, such as flour and gunge, but from one box a key falls. This device is then used to access the key halfway back along the bungee web. The chair begins to turn on itself very quickly for a few seconds. The two muraillle contestants are sent into a room, at the end of which is a giant fan.

On one occasion, the contestant was injured during the game and could not compete in the show further, with a key given as consolation. One person is strapped into the Fort’s giant swing, which is hung at a right angle to the inside Fort wall. It was briefly revived by Challenge in for one series, with a ten-part documentary, Fort Boyard: A contestant enters a room filled with tarantulas and scorpions cubr a chest. From a broadcasting perspective, Fort Boyard itself was refurbished during —89 to become, essentially, a large outdoor television studio.


The rope drops, he descends the stairs and enters into the sea where there are three baskets. Also played as a duel. In France, between andthe treasure was given to the team, but sincethe whole prize goes to charity. Ina new version, called “T. The team must also ensure the word is spelled correctly, as a mistake could cost them the prize. In the French version from toThe Watch Tower wasn’t used; instead, there were three trips to the Interactive Cell. The key is rotating on a fan on the ceiling of the room.

As the fan is murallle loud the contestants are unable to hear anything; a red light goes on when there are 10 seconds muralle to get out. The code cybe enable the team to retrieve the key.

Fort Cimedy is the most exported French TV format and the fourth most exported adventure-style game show format in the world after WipeoutFear Factor and Survivor. The player must move a barrel from one end of a maze to the other where the key is locked in a vice.

If, however, they declare an incorrect word, the gold is not released and instead the gate to the treasure room begins to close immediately, prompting the contestants to make a quick escape, and they complete the game with no winnings. It starts from the balcony of the mmuraille and progresses on the strap holding two umbrellas for balance.


Cowardice will automatically cost the clue. This game is also played as a duel with two tracks. If a contestant fails to leave the challenge room before the time runs out, he or she is locked in and then shortly after taken away to a cage by La Boule or Mr Boo sincemeaning they are not allowed to continue with the rest of the key games and must stay there until the end of Phase One.

The contestant must get across a series of variously sized rolling cylinders to get to the key.

Fort Boyard’ s format varies from country to country, but the basics are the same. The contestant has to jog on the treadmill, lift down the buckets and pour the water into a tube.

However, in the international versions, Abandoned Cabin is replaced with the cibe Spiders and Scorpions design now located in a smaller cell nearby. The key is located on a stand protected by glass box, which lowers each time a wire is touched.

Then the contestants have the remaining time to collect as much gold as they can and place it in a bucket outside of the treasure room. In Octoberit was reported that Brazil and Tunisia had signed on for Sinceteams on the French version of the show consist entirely of celebrities. Then, using the key, the contestant must unlock a box and retrieve a code before the gymnast destroys it. In this game the contestant has to traverse the overhead ladder to reach the key or cartridge which is at the other end.

Once they have it they shout it out to their team using a megaphone. In this event, the contestant must walk a very narrow airway strap placed across the width of the courtyard and above the Treasury Room. The player, secured to a rope, has to follow the rope through an obstacle course requiring them to climb over and under a series of bars to grab a muaille and return the same way. However, while The Crystal Maze varies the type nuraille games quite considerably, Fort Boyard tends to focus mainly on physical and endurance challenges.