Barry characterizes children as both the most vulnerable and the most resilient creatures on earth. Do you like slaughter houses? Gag in a good way. On a bus in the middle of nowhere, sitting next to her passed-out father who has recently given her a black eye and bruised ribs, Roberta wants to write a letter to someone, but she can’t think of anyone who would want to hear from her. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. I’ve read a lot of ugly things in my life but this book touches on a deeper level because of this young child’s age and the horrors she endures daily in her truly “cruddy” life. But her mother appears as a spiteful, admonishing presence. The rest of them run back to their neighborhood “thinking if we can go fast enough, it didn’t really happen.

Oct 16, James rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Kudos to Barry for writing a book I could actually smell. I took a break from “We Are Not Afraid” to finish this for Bar Book Club, reading the last pages before stepping out the door to see the new Batman movie. This is one of the most disturbing and grotesque books I’ve ever read, and I have a sneaking suspicion that I would have gotten more out of it if only I had at some point done a lot of psychotropic drugs. While I think this stands out from Barry’s contemporary work, many of her comics have a darkness to them that is pushed to the forefront in Cruddy. Unsurprisingly, Barry is not a fan of MFA programs themselves. This is a reading experience of shock and awe, maybe, then.

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Lynda Barry: ‘What is an image? That question has directed my entire life’ | Books | The Guardian

It was so weird, Lynda, ‘cuz Roberta and I are almost exactly the same age. If you’ve spent life around a bunch of violence, deception, depression, and perverse pleasures that come in-between heartbreaking let-downs, you’ll like it.

I’ll never forget it. An unforgettable, seamlessly imagined voice. She is the antidote to our popular culture diet of poison femme fatales who have been put up there on screens and inside books recently for us to either lust over, idolize or vacillate bsrry the two. Did you ever adore a teacher? I think it’s one of the smartest novels bary. It’s a gripping and unique story and the writing is a complete sensory overload still in a good way. Naturally, I’m a fan of your comic endeavors — you’ve been a favorite for many years — so I was pretty excited to hear that you were writing a novel.


And it is more omvie a gore fest for this gore-hungry gal. Gag in a good way.

With a teenager’s eye for freakish detail and a nervous ability to make the most horrible scenes seem hilarious, Cruddy is a stunning achievement. I spread it out too thin. Dec 18, Chriso rated it it was amazing.

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Give it a try. I will type Lynda Barry’s sentence so you too can move beyond the cover and get hooked like This is the very lydna case of ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ that I have been affiliated with.

You’ll like, dislike and then barrh it, too. How did this book I’ve never heard of a week ago become my favorite book? Well done gross is my literary weakness.

“Cruddy” by Lynda Barry

It’s a truly amazing, chilling, dark, wonderful, upsetting book. The sheriff they meet at the horrific Knocking Hammer slaughterhouse calls her Ee-gore, but her ugliness only encourages him to try to use her as a receptacle for his perversions.

Wish this book had been around when I was 14 or so and my own life may not have looked quite so bleak to me after having read it. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that no matter what kind of problems you might have Sick and endearing at once. This heroine is clear of femininity and desirability. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. This is a dark and disturbing tale about a young, abused girl named Roberta who is on a psychotic road trip with her homicidal father after leaving the equally troubling home of abusive mother.


Watch her speak on youtube. And if this wasn’t confusing enough for the young Roberta, her father made her go by the name Clyde, a mute and wickedly bruised son.

One narrative is the story of how she got grounded, due to ditching school and partaking in a 24 hour LSD trip that takes her all through her “cruddy” hometown and ends in a fatal disaster.

Do you like slaughter houses? Lycanlibrarian’s Blog Just another WordPress. Aug 19, Stephen Conley ccruddy it it was lynca.

Return to Book Page. I don’t know why I feel I have to clarify that – the subtitle maybe? Flipping between the present the early s and barrry years earlier, Roberta’s story — indeed Roberta’s consciousness — juxtaposes the trivial and the unfathomably violent, the silly and the heartbreaking.

I honestly can’t say how much of Cruddy was a little over the top, and how much was just something I’ve never experienced and so seemed to pynda a little unrealistic. It was two hours away from their home in Seattle, but still had cheaper in-state tuition. A hungry traveler can hold up a cartoon banana anywhere in the world, she noted.

I am so passionate about this book that I’ve created an unofficial soundtrack for it on Spotify. Customers who bought this item also bought. So I wanted to talk to you about it. Her ability to get inside the head of an adolescent is just amazing.

Thanks lyjda listening, and thanks again for the book. English Choose a language for shopping. This could go on. This book is not at all like Geek Love.