In this sort of very strong centripetal force, the human eye cannot withstand vision at this speed and therefore the viewer is forced to leave or lose control. The moment you lose control, you enter a vortex of images, which is de facto also an acoustic and vibrational vortex, where the helix component is very strong. The result is the creation of a new, paradoxical balance found in the relationship established between the physicality of the present experience — the one kept in the memory of the images — and the time that flows between these two moments. The experienced space, the one filmed while the artist defines it with physical motion and through details of the body in motion overlap with the present of the same space when experienced by those entering it. In cinema, the concept of motion is not achieved through the format itself, but rather is expressed within narration by means of a sequence of static images. It becomes an abstract image, what with this play of colours like a carousel….

Daniele Puppi, Cinema Rianimato N. So even the sound produced by the slamming doors and the play of lights and shadows generated textures… DP: The public is unexpectedly dragged into a dynamic space, becoming itself a part of the work of art. It was an experience of hand-to-hand confrontation with architectural space, where my body would somehow become a mean to experiment space itself. Opportunities In the loop 6 Nov: The moment you lose control, you enter a vortex of images, which is de facto also an acoustic and vibrational vortex, where the helix component is very strong. It becomes an abstract image, what with this play of colours like a carousel…. By continuing to use this website you are giving consent to cookies being used.

Opportunities In the loop 6 Nov: Daniele Puppi, Cinema Rianimato N.


Stella Santacatterina in conversation with Daniele Puppi

I was wondering how come that years since the birth of cinema we were pupppi locked into a very static approach where images never goes beyond their limit. Designers-in-residence Cinnamon Lee, Angus Deveson, Mitchell Bailey and Cesar Cueva will be creating objects, manufactured on demand, to be exhibited and sold in a pop-up shop. This was the idea.

Daniele Puppi, Fatica n. Afghani refugee Sha Sarwari will exhibit his three-metre boat made entirely from newspapers and Vidhi Shah and Jeniffer Heng have created a flower from recycled electrical materials which blossoms in your presence. Quick Picks In the loop 6 Nov: The image oversteps its boundaries and invades space, while sound, fragmented in certain ways, is distilled and follows the image, or rather it is the image that follows the sound.


The whole body becomes therefore dynamic, to enable the active perception of something that is moving and is difficult to follow even from a physical standpoint. My idea was therefore to create a sort of image movement that would invade space itself causing de facto a suspension of sense. In the end, it turned out to be a sort of adventurous journey in quest of myself. Southern Panoramas, 6 Puppk Feb; http: Information is hard to finema on this elusive artist so we suggest attending his artist talk, Nov 1.

The work was actually created using both repertoire images of former girlfriends and images taken from the millions available on the Internet. For the 20th anniversary of its reopening to the public after a long restoration, the Galleria Borghese presents a new site-specific sound project by Danieele Puppi: It becomes an abstract image, what ccinema this play of colours like a carousel….

Arshake is a collaborative artistic project, blurring the borders between art, science and technology, information and production.

Cinema should drift towards a neoclassical experience. The wall opens at this point and gives us a fleeting glimpse of riianimato vanishing point as we have a moment to imagine all the possible [spatial] continuations. It would be completely overwhelmed by this no-escape cineam and come unstuck. Highlights look to be the part pop concert, part video game experience of 7bit Hero http: The body would be forced to move and sort of perform within this space while it became dark or illuminated.


And with the eruption of its breathing, their terribleness flares pjppi in our consciousness. The idea of creating shock by using sound stratagems such as very loud amplifications, or through images that appear in unexpected places, deals exactly with this kind of desire. Changemakers Festival, national Nov; http: The funny thing is that, within a week, my video had been viewed times before it was reported and subsequently censored.

Thus, iconography is removed. The monumental nature on both the visual and sound levels calls the attention of those entering with inescapable strength.

We can then say that sound, that vibration is the supporting skeleton. This is one of xaniele several elements that I always try to convey in my work. This is exactly the point, how to transform. The background of this conversation is an artwork kept by the artist in his studio — in line with his idea of dynamism — the purpose being that of creating movement from a static image. The image should pour out of space.

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