Weekly Question Thread N00b thread For all of your joining and reclassing needs. When we got the news, I was absolutely sick, but I was not surprised. The evidence included large stocks of weapons and ammunition discovered in the police barracks in Wanat after the battle. Central Command commander General David H. Retrieved 6 June Speaking at a Pentagon news conference after the attack, U. They destroyed much of the U.

For all your duty station needs. I’ll be glad to never go back to Khas-Kunar. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. DoD Inspector General to formally examine the battle and the U. This is particularly true where the errors are those of omission, where the standards come from multiple non-punitive doctrinal publications, where there is less than complete and certain knowledge of enemy capabilities and intent, and where commanders enjoy wide discretion in their exercise of their command prerogatives and responsibilities. I didn’t go to Wanat that night, but I went from Ft. Retrieved from ” https:

Battle of Wanat – Wikipedia

The fact that Kunar has bucked the general trend [downward trend in security across the country] seems largely to be the result of a consistent U. Archived PDF from the original on December 2, Army commander of coalition troops in Regional Command East, Afghanistan, decided to abandon the patrol base and sent additional U.

That should tell you something about what these men went through. This page was last edited on 4 Januaryat The number of men at the base was judged adequate to defend against intelligence estimates that placed the insurgent forces in the local area at about experienced fighters, though they did not know that attackers would be backed up by other guerrilla groups from neighboring regions as far away as Pakistan and Kashmir.


We wanted to go back to our firebases and take back up the fight.

Chosen Company And The Battle At Wanat

Date July 13, Archived from the original on 25 April The Battle of Wanat took place on July 13,when about Taliban insurgents attacked American troops near Quam, in the Waygal district in Afghanistan ‘s far eastern province of Nuristan. Combined Studies Institute Press.

The Taliban briefly breached the wire of the observation post before being driven back. Wow, I heard about this battle in the documentary ‘Restrepo’ movei my Drill Sergeant even told us privates about it.

Weekly Question Thread N00b thread For all of your joining and reclassing needs. Archived from the original on July 22, Undetected by the I. Retrieved July 31, Indecisive Tactical Coalition victory Strategic Taliban victory. During the battle, U. This also applies to discussing exploits movi course software.

Timeline Battles and operations. It was decided that soldier labor — with the aid of an engineer squad and a Bobcat front-end loader already at Bella — would be good enough to prepare an initial defense in the six days until heavier equipment arrived. The day before the attack, the “Spin Giris” Pashto for “White Beards” — influential tribal elders of Wanat conducted a Jirgaelder community council-experienced male members of the Quam have a right to attendwithout the post’s Movle.


Army, completed on August 13 and released to the public the first week of Novemberfound that wanwt Taliban attackers had been assisted by the Afghan local police ALPforces and a district leader. Brostrom, movi Webb’s office to the Army historian’s report. At a dinner meeting in the village, a villager told the Americans that they should shoot any men seen in the mountains, and asked them dealjn U.

To criminalize command decisions in a theater of complex combat operations is a grave step indeed. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit.


Platoon Sergeant Dzwik later remarked “I was expecting harassing fire from any one of the high ground in every direction. Coalition troops had noticed other warning signs. July 9, a six-man engineer squad arrived by Chinook helicopter. Retrieved November 20, I did a deployment in Kunar. He stated that previous media accounts of the engagement deailn the level of development of the platoon’s defences.

The Battle of Wanat has been described as one of the bloodiest Taliban attacks of the war and one of several attacks on remote outposts. The New York Times. The first round of fire hit with deadly accuracy, immediately wounding or stunning every soldier. Duty Station Thread Series For all your duty station needs.