The directors of photography are John Berrie and Mitchell T. Alli convinces Dallas to give her pills in order to stay awake, but they soon threaten her health and relationships. Maya feels unappreciated by her boyfriend and her band, so Tori gives her a pageant-style makeover. Also, Tristan tries out for the play and continues to pose as Maya online in order to talk to Campbell. Imogen freed her girlfriend to follow her design dreams to Europe, and they parted with a kiss. If I can make it through, so can you. Jenna is opposed to a friendship with Becky until she meets her attractive brother Luke.

Irvine, Gordon Thorne, and Paul Whitehead. Retrieved March 26, Also, recovering from the events in Las Vegas, Katie hangs out with Maya’s friends. Also, Fiona returns to Degrassi, thrilled to see Imogen but unsure the feeling is mutual. Meanwhile, Drew considers dropping out of school in order to work at the mall. With their spring break trip to Puerto Vallarta cancelled, she, Marisol, Jake, and Mo go to Las Vegas instead, where she plans to win her tuition.

Meanwhile, Eli struggles to make a two-minute edgrassi for a school project and smokes marijuana after learning Jake has taken it up. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Meanwhile, to be the lead in Eli’s latest film and to catch the eye of Fab, Tristan decides to go on a cleanse with Tori to lose weight.

Farewell, Fimogen: “Degrassi” says goodbye to its groundbreaking lesbian couple

inogen Irvine, Gordon Thorne, and Paul Whitehead. She later endangers herself in the process. Meanwhile, Drew decides to run for student council president and is up against Clare. Although only three school years have passed in the story timeline since season six, season twelve is set in the spring semester in the years it aired. Retrieved May 30, Meanwhile, Dave feels that he and Alli aren’t considering each other first and makes a decision about their relationship.


Also, after comments are made about her flat chest, Maya begins to feel self-conscious. Also, Bianca wants Audra to accept the fact that she and Drew are getting married.

Also, Katie likes Jake but is convinced it’s not mutual, and instead, Dallas catches her eye. She later comes across a burglar in her home. Languages Italiano Edit links.

Farewell, Fimogen: “Degrassi” says goodbye to its groundbreaking lesbian couple – AfterEllen

Returning cast members include:. Also, Tristan tries out for the play and continues to pose as Maya online in order to talk to Campbell. Meanwhile, Jenna is embarrassed by her relationship with Connor when her friends begin making comments.

The casting director was Stephanie Gorin, and the editors are Jason B. Clare, who wants Asher’s approval, pitches a story about the play.

Retrieved March 1, Also inDegrassi changed up its format in a big way. Meanwhile, Tristan wants to find someone to be his first kiss in the next 24 hours before the play opens.

Campbell lashes out at Maya due to the stress that he is being put under.

Also, due to his concussion, Drew’s schoolwork begins to suffer. MuchMusic announced renewing the series for a twelfth season in June Also, Becky feels guilty for her actions and tries to earn Adam’s forgiveness. Writers have been able to use a semi- floating timelineso that the issues depicted are modern for their viewers. Also, Dallas finally gets Alli to go out with him but hides the fact that he has a child.

The directors of photography are Fiiona Berrie and Mitchell T. Labels were of no consequence to her. I ship Fimogen so hard! Also, Katie gambles at a blackjack table and loses all of her parents’ savings.

Imogen designs an elaborate set for the play and is forced to ask her estranged mother for seasin. Also, Adam tries out for the boys volleyball team but needs to convince his mother to give degrsssi permission.


With Katie back from rehab, Drew struggles with finding a way to break up with her. Scared about the fact that she may be pregnant, Alli makes a big decision regarding her future. Also, with Eli pursuing her relentlessly, Clare finds a lump on her back and grows scared of the fact that she may have cancer.

Meanwhile, Marisol accuses Mo of foina a drug addict when, in actuality, he is hiding his diabetes from her. Meanwhile, Jake tries to construct a rooftop garden at Degrassi but finds it hard to do without his father.

Also, Fiona and Drew blame each other for the mess in the loft. Meanwhile, when Fiona is offered an internship in Italy, Imogen does everything in her power to make sure Fiona stays in town.

Katie and Jake become a couple, which doesn’t sit well with Dallas. Three one-hour specials aired, the fall finale, another three weeks later, and the finale three weeks before season Michael Grassi is also credited as a co-executive producer, Imoegn Barckert and Matt Huether as consulting producers, Sarah Glinski an executive producer, and Ella Schwarzman an executive post producer.

Also, Maya begins to wear chicken cutlets and auditions for Mo’s band. The Next Generation Canadian television seasons Canadian television seasons. However, she grows sick and questions if she’s pregnant. Eli has trouble coming to terms with seeing Campbell’s dead body.