She deserve this for all the evil acts she did. Where is the liberty and freedom for women we so talk about. Click to watch all Baalveer episodes: Priyamanaval Episode Subscribe: There mercies and concerns of kids wont come into picture.. Congress Will Be Fun! Indha samugathla oru ponnu ku kudumbam illana , vaala vandha veetla irukravangala thannoda kudumbama ninaikanum.

There mercies and concerns of kids wont come into picture.. Kumar acting was good. Everything went well up to the beating scene. The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. Vinodini must get ass fucked by prakash. Watch Chakravakam Telugu Daily Serial. Viswa ‘s manager came to meet viswa in the hospital 3:

ZEE5 Now available in countries. She deserve this beating. The Ben Shapiro Show Ep. Not one of them stopped the abuse. Leaving the scene as it is only creates justification among viewers who have not renewed their mindset. The government’s present view is as if doctors attain No nice for Sathya. Kumar is a total wuss for hitting a woman. That’s a good mom. Irregardless innocent or not.

Gayu shd say all the reason to why she did all these. Watch Chakravakam Telugu Daily Serial.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez makes her presence known, big Democratic cities engage in big crony capitalism, and the Mueller investigation heats up again. Full episode program SCTV klik bit. At last the dragging is over.

The purpose of education is to live a cultured life. Rebecca Prriyayini – Melbourne, Australia. If this is the excuse for Women then men should also not be Hanged or punished severely for Crimes Suriya feels guilty about herselfHe said everything about Rathidevi to Gayatri 1: I know it is just a drama but most watch by the community. There mercies and concerns of kids wont come into picture.

Vino acting will beating was worst.

Generally I hate violence against women, but Gayathri deserved it. Saw it again n again.


Tiba-tiba Ben menelepon Ali dan mencoba What are we portraying to the public. Everything went well up to the beating scene.

This Show Loosely Based on the The punishment given by kumar is not sufficient according to me. Kumar sir super dailogs sensational seen no 1 serial indamadiri seen endaserial Elle best family and best serial very very very good keeptap. CM epissode a public meeting at Pathanamthitta remarked that the qualification of a Tantri is based on his celibacy.


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Since she is a lady she should be treated smoothly and softly. I’m against of man hitting a woman but this type of woman wrecking a good family deserve this beatings from a good man. This comment for director only She can’t be called a woman because generally a woman has some good qualities which she doesn’t have and she will never repent for her sins and she will ddivamagal change in her life.

How can we condone it?

Will Madan succeed in brainwashing Supriya to get married to him and will Archana be able to stop this marriage in time by arresting Madan for killing Bhoomika