Mong Ryong could be any one of these at times, but JH plays him with so much depth and sympathy I cry with him, cheer for him and ache for him. Episode 4 Episode 4. So far, so standard set-up. Her mother disappears after losing Choon Hyang’s life savings in a scam, which makes her unable to pay for college on her own. I mean, folks, theirs is Level 10 bickering. Episode 16 Episode

Even when we have this odd juxtaposition of an arrestingly beautiful and well-built woman housing the soul of a hardworking and innocent school-girl, furthermore tricked out in a lamentable wardrobe designed to reinforce the poor-girl image. I was wondering just how closely Mong Ryong was paying attention to his lessons, since he was having a nosebleed in the midst of the lesson far as I know that indicates he was having dirty thoughts It had Tech At least, mobile phone tech. Choon Hyang and Mong Ryong decide to have their wedding. Now that my drama watching has ranged wider, DGCH seems pretty unsophisticated. It was fun just as you said. Off to Namwon it is.

Delightful/Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang Episode 2 ~ Everything Sweet

XD Thanks for the summaries songs Indignant at being unjustly accused, Mong-ryong storms off, while Chun-hyang speaks up and tells Dad that Mong-ryong was helping her. It was the first TV show to make me cry, ever. Have a nice weekend. Not to mention, the Airport Farewell double groan.


I think I would have loved it. Han Chae Young is one of my favorite Korean actresses — when she cries, I cry.

The couple is reunited and Chun-hyang is honored for her virtuousness. In his deligytful, pestering way, he shakes leaves into the pond, enjoying annoying her to get her attention.

FRIDAY NIGHT DRAMA: Delightful Girl Choon Hyang – Zombie Mamma

Winnie Holzman adapted Wicked?? And they lived happily ever after.

At least, suave until he turns into the obsessive and destructive second male lead from hell. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Have you tried watching Hana Kimi Japanese Dorama?

I understand their story and enjoy it also. I just re-watched this drama and fell in love with it again. Does love feed you?

I think I’m asking too much. I miss those days!

Zombie Mamma

Have your say Cancel reply Enter your comment here I was laughing and smiling whenever he popped up. I really believed that the delifhtful had killed them both and was going for the Cosmic Thwarted Love which would have to wait for the next reincarnation for another shot at girk. Episode 4 Episode 4. I’d watched it three years ago, and I just finished a marathon of the entire series again! Episode 11 Episode They go their separate ways, intent on never seeing each other again.


She is also kind of a loud busybody, as is any respectable K-Drama heroine, defending her friends and stuff like that. Though the plot kind of being dragged in the middle and the angst got me tired at times, this one hold special place in my heart. A verification email has hyany sent to your new email address. Download the latest version here. I always tell the truth.

Delightful Girl Chun-hyangTheme of the Month. It’s still my go-to drama when I don’t have anything else to watch or just want to unwind. At least as far as Hcoon Hyang and Mong Ryong are concerned DGCH can still show the way in terms of solid characterisation and relationship development.

Where can I watch this with english subtitle?