On another occasion, Jason Jewnova complained that he was broke and not able to buy a coffee at Dunkin Donuts, implying that somebody was going to have to buy one for him. This lift is considered one of the most impressive lifts of all time for sheer brute strength when you factor in his lack of leg drive. Jason always talks about him as if he was his real father, and has never once even mentioned his biological father. Blackstone Labs eventually grew into a multi-million dollar company. So tell me, why are you wasting my time? I guess a heart shaped scrotum on Valentine’s Day is too offensive for the PC police. Collura has recently gotten back on the juice, so he will almost certainly blow up again and re-assert himself on the top of the strength and size hierarchy of the Delray Misfits. Adam’s wife who has the voice of a porn star and the physique of Hulk Hogan.

Lost it Jason saying Muhammad Ali was never hit during his career and Andrew corrects him. Andrew warned Jason not to let some stranger have access to all his accounts, and that his involvement with Chad was probably a bad idea. Search for “emma geib mugshot”. They invited Jason onto their radio show, and later, naively believed that they could get Jason Genova shredded if they gave him free steroids, training, groceries, and diet plans. Lenny was revealed to be living in squalor during a Delray Misfits video where Brad visited his house. If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. He posted a video of his wedding ceremony on YouTube, which appeared to be conducted in his living room while family members sat around in chairs checking their phones, and as a pair of wiener dogs wandered around.

PJ and Aaron once ran a contest where people had to buy a Blackstone Labs product and write an essay explaining why they wanted to receive free tickets to go see a Slipknot concert with PJ and sponsored IFBB pro bodybuilder Aaron Clark.

Part 3 – Lenny & Brad Do Cryogenics

Delray Misfits episode 1 made its debut and soon became a lost episode; it had to be taken down due to Big Richard going on an extended rant about how he loves eating pussy. Originally Posted by PostMoves. Jason Genova is gonna make it. However, shortly after the Jason Genova saga began inCollura moved out of Delray Beach, and his whereabouts were unknown for nearly a decade. Originally Posted by PatrickBateman1.


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The important thing was that I had an onion on my belt, which was the style at the time. Collura showed some old photos of himself back in his prime when he was so muscular and ripped that he was molested by a hot mom and daughter on the beach. An apparently disinterested Andrew changed the subject by interrupting him and insisting that Curtis shrank by 2 inches. Yeah he is actually decent looking so he could definitely pull if he impoves his hygiene and has someone to mentor him social norms.

Am I the only one who would seriously smash Adams blonde friend? Lenny is the only person who will actually indulge Jason by calling him by his preferred nickname Lord Vader instead of Monkey Prick. Genova’s Witnesses begged Andrew not to give her any more camera time because she often went off on long, pointless tangents, like Grandpa Simpson. Jay Masters often teases Mark by implying that he’s scared of women.

After the duo moved past this though they formed a close relationship and it was evident that Big Richard had a soft spot for Genova, wanting to see him succeed and be happy in life, even if he had blunt ways of saying it. This, coupled with Jason making up stupid lies about Andrew like them getting into a fist fight over Chad caused Andrew to resign as Jason’s camera man and producer.

It gets you nothing. He was legally unable to do so, and they finally reached an agreement to trade Aaron’s shares in Blackstone Labs for shares in other companies. PJ was forced to sever all ties with Jason after he kept pining for his ex coath over the phone and Twitter. King sized Milky Way? After that, Andrew started up the Delray Misfits series proper, but did eventually reconcile with Jason, although he no longer edited and uploaded his videos for him.


Jacked LaLanne, a well respected 80something year old man, does lat pulldowns and shoulder presses every single time he’s in the gym. Her grandson Jason Genova once bestowed upon her the honour of filming him flex in his underwear. Tags for this Misfitx the teflon autist.

Jason Genova was supposed to introduce him to the camera, but screwed up episoe name and called him Manny Brazil and the name stuck.

Known for always wearing a golf hat and showing off his conquests on the dating website Plenty Of Fish. Lol Jason talking about his nudes. He was kicked out of the air force on a section 8 mentally unfit for service after getting into delrau fights. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del.

It was assumed that his real surname was Frantzen, and that Genova was just a middle name or something he made up because he thought it sounded cool he also called himself Jason Giovanni in My Story Part 1. Her adventures with Genova were short-lived but menty: Episdoe was he expecting? Better known as RC, real name Raphael Zamora.

Delray Misfits, Episode

Has truly ridiculously sized arms, earning him the nickname “Synthol Mark” which is either true or a compliment. Hot MILFy lady with a ripped body in her 40s.

To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Similar to how Jason is an unintentional comedy genius, Chad is perhaps the unintentional marketing genius.

Diana once showed up to Jason’s place to cook some salmon while he was dressed in nothing but his underwear. He says that ddelray is not the only green that he accepts in exchange for his services.

Gave birth to “The world’s most famous bagboy” Jason Genova.