You hate Mintoff and Labour so much, because he manage to create the middle class in his days and saved our people from hunger. Gabuk fuq One News. You dare call me angry? Tarawhom x’joghrku jdejhom bil-ferh il-lejburisti? Bleu Trois couleurs: Well said JC but apparently, no one especially the PL has anything to say about Gonzi and Eddie… they would have spoken up by now, surely. We must always keep our leaders in check. Kieku rajt il-Kim Il Sung marid go siggu tar-roti kont tghidlu miskin ukoll?

Dak kien footballer kbir, u bhalissa reggha qieghed fl-ahbarijiet. Mintoff did not care two hoots for what his miserable followers thought, for much the same reason. Despite assurances by Nicosia’s government that negotiations intended to clinch the Chinese deal will be ready by the end of the month, fears are growing that the investors may turn to Malta instead. Are you sure that Mintoff is demented? I guess everything that you did was angelic. What is written here is a reflection of cause and effect: The biggest shame for our country, as you put it, is the poor articulation and feeble command of language that you demonstrate here. I would have thought you have enough sense and to use a term you are so fond of — class to rise above all this.

Deni fantazma – Albanian Dubs

Early Winter Earn money online Earpods Earthlickers easa. And then they say that Mintoff gave them land. Ghib ghalik ja mara bla misthija!!

dnei I feel sorry for her actually Such a sad and depressed person. Convict an ex opposition leader to eternal damnation only because he sought what was right for his own country? And before you label me a labourite like you have done to these people without actually knowing anything about them, please note that i come from a very proud nationalist family. Mintoff deprived Malta fantaazma this freedom in the seventies and eighties.

You were hurt by Mintoff. Hsibtek matura Daph, imma mill-mod kif inkiteb dan il-blog, niddubita. Versus, Battles and Duels Starchaser: So many good ideas throughout history have been pushed too far.


U nkissru u naharqu fzntazma nghidu li konna provokati? No wonder the LP has no vision and is like being surrounded by four walls which prevent it from seeing the horizon, let alone go beyond.

Konvint li l-Labour Party preparat u attent fuq l-issue tal provokazzjoni. Int wahda minn dawk li jwaqqghu l-isem ta Malta ghaz-zeblieh.

The Story of The Who Amazing!

Fantazma deni shqip

A certificate of excellence? To the left of your keyboard infront of you there are several command keys. AndreaV You are welcome and able to leave the rock now that you have an EU passport, no thanks to you, the weirdo in a wig and that decrepit old bastard you adore.

You hate Mintoff because of what he did. U jekk qed tahseb li l-kitba ta hawn fuq hi illegali, vera ma ghandekx ideja. Nistenna risposta ovjament bla sens u bla sugu u mimlija tghajjir. Daphne, people like you are not even accepted in Hell, I thank my God everyday I was not born a Nationalist like you. Ara li kieku kont ommok jew il-mara tieghek, ghax ma nafx kemm ghandek fabtazma — kieku kont nghaddi l-gurnata ghand tal-grocer, jew ghand tal-bingo, jew ghand il-hanut tal-gaming nigbed il-levers tal-magni biex forsi nirbah flusi lura.

Certainly a lot better than most people who are voting Labour. Franco Debono, who is now in the same position that man was in inshould look at that picture and reflect on what will become of him one day and what people will have to say about him then. While You Are Sleeping Whipped: The simpering pity of people like you or the ability to bully and terrorise? Although Fantasma disagree with some things you say, I fight for your right to say them.

You have a year wait at least. Daphne, you are typically maltese. Men like that prefer to be hated than pitied. We must always keep our leaders in check. Chinese company Far Eastern Phoenix is said to be eyeing an ambitious investment into the recently inaugurated Safi Aviation Park, with a plan to develop a commercial centre with a showroom and bonded reni for Chinese factories to display products for a year period.


Skont informazzjoni kredibbli li waslitli dan l-ahhar dan il-progett se jimpjega manager, ricerkatur, xjentist, 56 executive, haddiem fl-IT, segretarju, messaggiera, 55 driver, 35 telephone operator u cleaner. You give me the impression that you go through life feeling surprised, excited or indignant at everything you see. For that alone, they deserve your vote. Harira njorant nahseb jien izda ovjament opinjoni tieghi.

Kazhugu film Kdo je mrtev? Tefaghtu go habs ghal ghomru? How about those people who had their land seized by Mintoff and no compensation given to them, so that he could parcel it out in plots and get more votes? It makes my stomach turn when I read the sheer hatred that permeates your psyche.

And yes, it has everything to do with your comment. Daphne I applaud you for stopping short of expressing what you really think of the man.

South American peasant victims of a real oligarchy have an excuse for thinking the way they do. Jiena l-persuna li tidher fir-ritratt mal-Perit Duminku Mintoff. All you need is no self respect and no mirrors to look at. Lessons are taught, then they are learned. So I will not care how you choose to remember me, just as I do not care what you think of me now. I was not around instill less old enough to vote.

Every day they are exposed on the internet to speculation and slander of Labour supporters, speculation and slander which now affects them directly too.