This lets Bond put a name to Sutton’s face and so can investigate further. Moore’s last Bond introduces a new element to his interaction with women – paternity! When Zorin does the dirty on May Day and leaves her to her death in the flooded mine she sacrifices her life to help Bond remove the bomb that would bring an earthquake, and with it millions of dead, on Silicon Valley. The humour is raised again, almost to Moonraker levels – but I don’t see that as too much of an issue, it’s often entertaining. Fiona Fullerton as Pola Ivanova. James Bond Museum, Emmabodav. A generation had been weaned onto Moore’s more laid-back approach to Bond, and had earned more than a billion dollars for the film makers in the process. There they find out that Zorin is using steroids to enhance the performance of his horses, and that he is hoarding microchips, but why?

Peugeot Ti Limousine. He is still fine for the acting, it’s just the screenplay which is a let down. Ok More information about privacy. This is due to the attention paid to the vehicles in this film, particularly the Renault taxi which, despite it’s blandness, is made to be technically excellent. He’s used his intelligence to good effect thus far, but wants to go that little bit further – and enter the psychopath’s Hall of Fame. Rather steroetypical, and not well thought out, the character of Mortner is not particularly good – it could have been a lot better with more detail and traits – and doesn’t make you believe him when he appears to be talking form wisdom.

He knows the game is up, and smiles at Bond just as the agent gives him the final shove. John Smythe at Zorin’s stud with Tibbett as his chauffeur-cum-butler. Two main candidates were to emerge: One of the most stupid devices ever to come from Q’s workshop. The violence was much more prevalent, and not as much of the comic strip variety he happily associated with the films of yesteryear. Ever affectionate of Bond, she leaks a tear or two when Bond is announced missing by ‘M’ as usual she is listening in to the conversation over the intercom.


He berates the psychopath for not obeying KGB orders and warns Zorin against any rash plans when the recalcitrant refuses to take any more orders from the Soviets. Why, oh why was she never a Bond woman? Fiona Fullerton as Pola Ivanova.

He is shot by Zorin, using Bond’s gun in cold blood, then the whole floor is set alight by the desqrmera leaving Bond and Stacey to die there too. A small calculator-sized instrument which Bond uses to get an imprint of the cheque Zorin writes for Sutton.

Speed () – Svensk Filmdatabas

Read more about our dry dock facilities on the website. He makes his final appearance for the film by congratulating Bond and by giving him the Order of Lenin. While eating, a disguised May Day enters the restaurant and takes over as butterfly-swinger from the fim person she kills himbut the “Fabulous Papillons” eesarmera nevertheless until a poisoned one is flung into Aubergine’s face.

John-Smythe Bond when the agent infiltrates the French stud, posing as a potential horse breeder. Loading comments… Trouble loading? The river Scheldt is navigable for vessels with a draught of 13,1 m at all tides and 15,5 m taking into account the tides.

A shame really – there are some great scenes between Moore and Patrick Macnee who plays Tibbettand it would have been good to see much more fllm him – it would have benefitted the film greatly. Although A View To A Kill was not as successful as it’s predecessors, Bond’s popularity had been maintained right through the period.

She is the woman sitting with the white rimmed glasses holding a tan bag. Still, all things considered, I think that A View to A Kill deserves more credit than it is usually afforded He gets a good go with a machine gun inside the mine, bober, helping Zorin to eradicate his workers there.


Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory

During the film we see two different airships, a large model with a conference room and and a scale model of Silicon Valley obviously a copy of Goldfinger but impressive nonetheless and a means of removing unwanted passengers through a trap door and slide. The film also had its share of memorable chase scenes including a gripping horse race and a superb fire-engine escape.

One truly believes he is a madman; the scene where he shoots the mineworkers while laughing hysterically was outstanding. BE Webdesign by Harts Productions.

Beyond A View To A Kill, however, and his desarnera would have made it impossible to retain desarmeraa edge of believability. Yes, but still more involving than Stacey Sutton! Minister Of Defence, Frederick Gray: BE VAT: The demise of the character arises at the end, when the airship to blown up by Mortner’s dynamite.

This is employed by Bond to escape from Siberia desramera secret after fending off his Russian pursuers. For Your Eyes Only Fiona Fullerton plays this part with considerable skill and she also gets a good grip of the Russian accent too. Carl Mortner’s blmber, Max Zorin was pushed into the world by a mother who had been drugged up to the eyeballs with steroids.

Bond and Tibbett use this to enhance their cover as prospective horse buyer and chauffeur. She gets herself hidden in the back of Tibbett’s Rolls Royce when he goes to get it washed actually he is going to signal ‘M’. Is he going slack? Fullerton is much the more accomplished actress, so why didn’t they give her the role of Stacey Sutton instead?

Flexibility; efficient working methods and short communication lines.