High in the Himalayas, Josh’s search for what the locals call the Yeti leaves no stone unturned. Photos from the individual Destination Truth episodes are listed along with the Destination Truth episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode. Since the monsters’ heads and tails were not seen, no one could venture what these locally named “Pinatubo Monsters” could be. Then, the team heads to the blistering sands of Cairo, Egypt, where locals claim to be attacked by a monstrous canine creature thirsty for human blood: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Next the crew heads to Mongolia in search of a monster size sandworm that has locals in a panic. Josh goes on a dangerous ghost hunting investigation into the radioactive ruins of Pripyat , Ukraine near the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant and the evidence is later analyzed by Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters. Josh and team set sail from Ushuaia, Argentina to Antarctica for a frigid ghost hunt in the ruins of a whaling village on Deception Island and an investigation inside the Wordie House; an abandoned British research building near Port Lockroy.

Josh and team travel to Transylvania, Romania to seek out a vampire creature that is terrorizing the villagers and killing their livestock. A bizarre, hybrid beast resembling a cross between a human and ape, it is said to emerge at night looking to eat whatever it can find. The shoulder joint, which is tipped with a sharp spur, serves as a weapon if its talons fail. Later, the team journeys to Van, Turkey following recent reports and an eye-witness video of a large creature living in Lake Van. According to cryptozoology, mainstream scientists might be wrong. Next, he investigates magnetic anomalies in the Bermuda Triangle that focus the team on the mysterious and widely shunned island of Bimini. Description This adventure series invites viewers on one man’s search for the truth while he investigates stories of the unexplained across the globe. Pinatubo Monsters – Reports coming out of the Philippines describe five huge, black creatures swimming in the Tikis River, near the former mining village of Buhawen, scaring Aeta families six years ago.

Spiritualists say that the trees themselves are filled with a malevolent energy, accumulated from centuries of suicides. Fuji — A crowded, dark forest bordering Mt. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


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He claims that there are people who can actually negotiate with them. Next, he ventures trurh Zambia to hunt down a sauropod dinosaur called the Mokele-Mbembesaid to be living in the swamps around Lake Bangweulu. Indigenous Australians report that the creature is nearly 25 feet tall, stands on two legs and has two very small forelimbs. Episode list using the default LineColor.

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Retrieved April 13, The expedition takes a dramatic turn when Josh makes a discovery that shocks the world. While scanning the lake in the aftermath of an initial sighting, Mr. Josh returns to Himalayasthis time to the Kingdom of Bhutanon another hunt for the Yeti. In a tourist snapped a series of destinatino that would make Issie headline news.

According to reports, it has been spotted in both water and dry land.

Treats That Creep” Clip Josh returns to Papua New Guinea, this time he is in search of a nocturnal, Pterodactyl -like creature called the Ropen. The Aswangs are the most feared of supernatural creatures on the Philippines and are the subject of a wide variety of myths and stories.

In one of their most hair-raising experiences to date, Josh and team travel to Romania to investigate paranormal activity in the Hoia Baciu woods. The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. Josh and team explore the Indonesian island of Java in search of the Ahool, a giant bat creature that reportedly has a 12 feet 3.

Destination Truth Season 2 Episode 11

He later reviews the evidence with Jason and Grant from Ghost Hunters. Episode Title Fores S Misfortune Cookie” Clip Views Read Edit View history.

In aswqng next segment, the team heads to Canada’s Okanagan Lake in British Columbiaon the hunt for a famous lake monster known as Ogopogo. Season Overview” Clip La O Na Makuahine Mother’s The shoulder joint, which is tipped with a sharp spur, serves as a weapon if its talons fail. Many children told their parents about the little inhabitants of the rocks, but more adults have also stated their encounter with elves, destinahion well.

Josh travels to the northern jungles of Cambodia on the trail of a half-man, half-ape creature that is terrorizing small villages. Josh and team head into the dense jungles of Vietnam in search of an alleged Bigfoot-like creature locals call the Destiantion. Afterward he goes to an Egyptian village in search of a wolf-like creature called the Aswng that locals claim is responsible for attacks upon children.


A bizarre, hybrid beast resembling a cross between a human and ape, it is said to emerge at night looking to eat whatever it can find. In the Australian wilderness of Queensland, an unidentified being creeps around.

Iceland, Elves — According to the latest reports, the possible existence of Icelandic elves is the main reason many of the roads in the country were rerouted to avoid disturbing rocks where the fantastic creatures possibly live. The crew visit South Africa in search for torest half-horse, half-fish Mamlambo and the bear-like Tokeloshe.

Officer Audio” Clip Kikiyoun — One of the most terrifying and least seen of all the forest haunetd is the Kikiyoun. In the next part, the team travels into the Atlas Mountains of Morocco in search of a Succubus named Aisha Kandisha, who is said to appear as a beautiful woman with camel-like legs and a pair of bat-like destnation. Below is a complete Destination Truth episode list that spans the show’s entire TV run.

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Will Josh get to the bottom of this story or will he find the evidence has gone extinct? Next, the crew travels to the rainforests of Brazil trailing recent sightings of a giant sloth monster.

Josh and team go to Thailand in search of the Naree Pon which are described as 3 feet 0. The island of Java, not very far from the Bismarck flying fox’s home of New Guinea, is supposed to harbor a bat with a twelve-foot wingspan called the Ahool.

Does Josh uncover a beast awang the overgrown jungle or is this just an overgrown tale? Josh and team trek into Russia’s southern Siberian wilderness near Kazakhstanon the hunt for the Almas – a large hominid described to be similar to the Yeti of Nepaland Sasquatch of North America.