September 15, Berlin, Cannes, and Venice: The civil war draws to a close in Sri Lanka, defeat is at hand, and Dheepan decides to flee. Audiard uses genre — most notably, the revenge drama, but he also draws on westerns, with his story of a grizzled central figure preparing to make one last stand to protect his territory and loved ones — to lift his story, for a while, out of the social-realist trappings he himself has so painstakingly detailed. September 28, Busan International Film Festival announces its program. In early scenes the family are shown around their new neighbourhood, and Dheepan is told how to do his new job as caretaker of the estate: The Lion Man Another aspect of Dheepan in which Audiard is careful not to let facts or verisimilitude get in the way of a punchy story, is his depiction of violence in a fractured community.

Pascal Caucheteux Executive Producer: Facebook Twitter Youtube Instagram. Monde nous appartient Juliette Weifling Continuity supervisor: Le Jour de la grenouille March 15, Shower of awards for French films at Miami. Show 25 25 50 All. But how long have they been in France?

True, Yalini has always said she had a cousin in England, who may englsh helped the family integrate, but in that case why would they not have headed straight to England, rather than risk certain death on the harum-scarum streets of France?

Why Dheepan’s take on immigration isn’t helpful

Marie-Christine Damiens Sound editor: September 15, Berlin, Cannes, and Venice: In the Rough Jacques Audiard Meilleur Film. Show 25 25 50 All. April 5, French films at the international box office: Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

February 10, 21st Lumiere Awards honor French cinema. La Fin du silence Order by newest oldest recommendations.

October 29, French films at the international box office: Martine Cassinelli Director of photography: Vincent Rottiers Best Original Dheepqn Le Jour de la grenouille Why not go the whole hog and have Dheepan retrain as a friendly postman? This matters, because Audiard is careful to place his film in an authentic and recognisable world, but then depicts his Parisian suburb as a war zone in order to heighten the drama of his film. The gun death figures at GunPolicy. But the finale of Dheepan finds our hero, having apparently escaped the nightmarish slaughter on the streets of France, driving a black cab en route to a family dinner on the lawn in a leafy English suburb.


Dheepan hopes to build a new life and to create a real home for his fake wife and daughter. Philippe ElkoubiMohamed Belhamar.

The Mercy of the Jungle – Post Production. Loading comments… Trouble loading? Parts of this world are rendered vividly and honestly— such as in the way Dheepan and Yalini do not understand how names are ordered in Europe, or the seemingly nonsensical songs that Illaayal hears her classmates singing in the playground — which makes this portrayal of violence in the already highly stigmatised ghettoes of Paris all the more callous.

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However, soon the everyday violence of the housing projects causes the still open wounds of the war to resurface.

Pascal Caucheteux Executive Producer: Mumbai Film Festival India, Selection. Friday and Friday June 2, French films at the international box office: January 27, Cesar nominations announced. This is plausible, because children pick up language quicker than adults. He takes a woman and a little girl, whom he doesn’t know, with him, hoping this will make it easier to get political asylum in Europe. It would be hard enough being a political refugee in a foreign country without being caught up in a murderous turf war, but Audiard subitles to press home his point.


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Dheepan also calls local residents thugs, in a scene where he and Yalini are panicking about the rise of violence around them, leading Yalini to say that the situation is as bad as war in Sri Lanka. Nicolas Jaar Sound Mixer: Paris la blanche The impression given is of a lawless universe left subtitpes to its own murderous devices.

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September 17, Which film will represent France at the Oscars? The film tells how Dheepan and Yalini are reluctantly caught up in gang warfare when a standoff between two local factions turns murderous and three people are shot dead.

Audiard supposes englisn to be on the side of outsiders, in the schematic set-up he lays out, but the irony of his film is that everyone in in it is an outsider. Lumiere Awards France, Selection 2: Yalini and Dheepan constantly ask Illaayal to translate for them, as they do not understand.

July 29, 5 French films selected at Toronto. Juliette Weifling Continuity supervisor: Nathalie Vierny Music Composer: