She teases him a little before saying I love you and they hang on. Kriya begins to cry. They will now have to pay for the dream of affiliation now. Rinni asks did you tell Jignesh Rinni has a boy friend. He says poetry for her; Kriya asks where you get these cheesy lines. His dad says that the girl became his mother. Her mom must also miss her sometimes.

He gets to know that Taani was swayam’s sister and was very vulnerable. Swayam was in the college thinking VP sir was sounding serious. Sharon agrees saying she will tell her mom about him. She says what kind of a surprise is this. Jignesh comes looking for Rinni. He goes most of the time around with Sharon but now its shown that Shivam met Kriya’s mother at Kriya’s house. HE explain she is special for the whole team, and thinks what he is doing. The all dance together.

Swayam gets a letter in the locker to come to store room to meet her. Sharon turns around and poses for him to tie the knot behind her shirt. But In the recent episodes it has episoses that he is very angry with Taani as he thinks that Taani becoming the new G. His dad asks him to meet Kriya, as his girlfriend. She loves to dance and on the dance floor she slapped Swayam.

Dil Dosti Dance KRIYA and REY’S Special INTERVIEW – video dailymotion

She goes to wear a dress and comes out draped in it. A driver calls cil to leave the way. She has developed a crush on the college counseller along with the other girls. He agrees to give another chance. Rey says Kriya is also gone. She says she must hide it somewhere so that admin will call her back. Powered by Create your own unique website with customizable templates.


They both look at him and stand up.

Rey went to the VP knowing the fact that shivam will go, and appointed taani as Asst. Kriya says they should talk in the way.

Rey says they must do something. She is worried; he tells her he told Sharon about everything, she will help her.

Dil Dosti Dance KRIYA and REY’S Special INTERVIEW

She didn’t want to do this but she had to, so that he can move on with his life. Kriya puts earphones on. Part mohanshakti kunwar08 taranaraja palki. Kriya and Rey were sitting in a cafeteria. Sharon comes from behind and says locker is not a place to lock emotions. Kirya sees her blushing and hugs her. When Taani is selected as the sixth dancer she is the only one who disapproves as she thinks that no one can replace Kriya.

On May 13, As they grew up the girl got committed to someone else. She was the best friend of Swayam.

He opens the door; Kriya is dressed up all in an Indian style frock. He tried to woo her but all his attempts were in vain until in RDX sir’s party in which he and Sharon spent a special time together,after which things looked on the bright side for his and Sharon’s relationship which they name as trial relationship. He gets smitten with Kriya, right from their first encounter at a nightclub in Dehradun on New Year’s Eve.


Rilli says he must think badly about her, and papa would have disliked it. Rey asks that are they going to get the tickets again by her sorry. They all gather, Bharat tells her they will play prank with him but Rilli rejects the idea. Rey asks her to say again.

He says you like watching stars, so I thought we should talk a bit like this at night. He is like a brother to Rey and always has to cover for him.

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He tells him to let him go right now as she wants to confess his love to the girl. She helps him stand.

She asks were you both making fool of me and runs after Rey.