Much to my disappointment, there are a lot of popular Hollywood films that failed the test, including: Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather made the movie. Although we can’t fully judge feminism in media based on this one test, it’s still a pretty decent way to get a first look into how women are represented in popular media. I wanted to see if there was a difference between the classic movies I saw as a kid and all the reboot movies I see today. The test has 3 rules:. For all their imagination, it never seems to occur to them that they could tell the story of a lonely old woman and a lonely young girl and how they bond.

Since , three classic Disney movies have been rebooted including: It makes me sick to the stomach — and I know that sounds weird from a male perspective, but that just shows how great are the sexism levels. Read more articles from MaidofOrleans. I really only one conversation is about a man and that turns into a fight about the relationship between the two sisters. MissCinico thank you so much! March 9, at 7: Email required Address never made public.

Or Aladdin, which has one good female character that a lot of people find empowering, but alas, it’s male-centered, so it won’t be seen as good for women by some, which is a shame. It’s this little tool you can run on books, movies, TV shows, and other forms of media to find out how women are being portrayed.

I am using a slightly more strict version which requires the two female characters to be named. May 9, at 3: My argument is with WallE. Sleeping Beauty 1 point Let’s be real for a moment: January 23, at 3: I owned all the Disney Princess movies. July 3, at Possibly disagree with Lady and the Tramp.


And I don’t think people should judge the film based on the test. I don’t necessarily think this is accurate way of judging it Do you think the Bechdel Test is a valid form of measuring female equality in movies? November 10, at It’s got to meet the requirements completely clearly in order to receive a full point.

Wavesurf, have watched whale rider, its one of the most inspirational and heart-touching movie i have ever seen. None of them actually have a genuine conversation together one on one. The Bechdel Test is fine for what it’s meant to do — it’s an indictment of the industry, and a gauge of representation across all films. Does that count as a conversation? I mean some of them have fairly good reasons, like the Fox and the Hound because changing the main character genders would have badly changed the dynamics of their relationship which is the best feature of the film but some of them like a couple of extra minutes of dialogue and they would have passed.

So what do you think? Blogging Disney is an unofficial site featuring news, reviews, and retrospectives of everything Disney. Usually posts some incredibly inter One Hundred and One Dalmatians 0. They are great looking ears! November 2, at 5: Moana is looking for why her ancestors stopped sailing? Potato Head technically not a named characterJessie and Barbie about Barbie being abandoned.

The Disney Princess Films Take the Bechdel Test

Out of 41 movies, 23 pass the Bechdel test although 9 of those are very dubious passesThe total “points” that Disney earned is You are commenting using your Facebook account.

It’s a very basic standard that doesn’t have a lot to do with female empowerment or being pro-woman. And lovely writing fzil descriptions.


All the other characters were robots who communicated with beeps, clicks, pre-programmed phrases, or one-word lines. Helen and Violet have a brief but significant mother-daughter talk, and Helen and Thar talk about supersuits for a few minutes before returning to the topic of.

July 6, at 7: March 12, at 8: Just like the original movie, Cinderella shares a similar conversation about following her dreams with her mother on her deathbed.

We must take into consideration that it was conceived in the s and has changed little since then. Pass – but this could be debated. Best of luck to you!

The Bechdel Test: Disney Edition | Her Campus

DO NOT post any revealing personal information phone bechdfl, address, etc. Alice has conversations with the Queen of Hearts, with the White Queen, the two sisters have a conversation with each other. Cookies help us bring you Fanpop.

We have conversations between the Muses, but they’re not named either. So when Aurora, Cinderella and Snow White made an appearance on stage, it was really a dream come true.

March 9, at 7: Zira and Vitani also speak to each other. Instead, try looking for a conversation that is 60 seconds or longer and see how many pass.

The sequel also passes — Nala talks bdchdel both her daughter Kiara and yells at Vitani. They came out in a time when women didn’t as much rights. Dory, Flo, and Peach The starfish!