He says yes, I got late, I went out for work. She already know how much he was mad about sandhya. Thanks amena nice episode!!!!!!!!!! Diya Aur Baati Hum. Sign in Recover your password. Sandhya u thinking is too good I guess she will have point on children… but Sandhya too good.

DeVi narayini our neem haakim girl who set mohit ryt with her strich attitude and meenu with her kadhas….. What ever may happens surah will clear out everything that crazy lalima have to go home? She says Pari, you studied enough, go to your room. Lallima will take gun, meenakshi will find it and think its dummy one and act like shooting mohit…mohit gets irritated and moves gun and it fires.. Anandhi 29th Oct – 9: Or she gonna attack any others? Emily sends Pari and shuts the door. Emily sees him and thinks he has got drunk again today.

Sign in Recover your password. Hai Anu please give the spoilers link yaar.

Diya Aur Baati Hum – 29th October 2014 : Ep 876

Seema, You are absolutely right. Mathan 30th Oct – 1: Bhabho holds the Karwa pot and its suspense to see whom will Bhabho give the pot. Because bhabo so selfish, is ayr the matter. I think she will attack Mohit. Lallima will take gun, meenakshi will find it and think its dummy one and act like shooting mohit…mohit gets bbaati and moves gun and it fires. Priti 29th Oct – Lalima thinks she will celebrate Karwachauth with Sooraj ji, she has to do something big.


Pari 29th Oct – I think she is owerpowered by lalima!?

He asks who is she to stop him, he will do what he wants. Sooraj says I m going for my work and asks Bhabho for blessings.

I think she may kill Mohit since he is demanding for money. Actually for sooraj she doing this ……. Sandhya will find out and will start giving Lalleima her own medicine and teach her a lesson. I will keep this money as shagun from a mum, I will get your love and also your blessings on episoode Karwachauth.

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Pp 29th Oct – She asks him to fix gajra. Emily tells Mohit that this will affect 20144 badly. AD 29th Oct – 9: I think writers lost their brain. What happened to this lady? Bhabho says you did wrong, you felt you will win my heart doing all this, will your crime get less, never Sandhya, you fell more in my eyes….

Last updated Oct 29, Bhabho again starts scolding sandhya for being irresponsible as it wud harm them and kids. Meenakshi asks doctor is Misri fine, she has to get her daughter married too. They all look at Sandhya. Its morning, Bhabho prays. Sandhya asks if you say this, will the 14 years I have spent epjsode get erased, this family will be mine, and about kids, you would have done the same octobef their dreams and happiness.


She says this will raise many questions at home, Bhabho will not like this. AD 29th Oct – Log In Welcome, Login to your account. She says even if you hide, the good smell comes. She taunts her and Lalima smiles.

Bhabho says no, just family has rights, if outsiders do something, its called help or favor, stay away from my family. Bhabho does not accept Sandhya and folds hands to request her to go. Diya Aur Baati Hum.

Sooraj tries his best to convince Bhabho to accept Sandhya. After a long time I have seen good chemistry between SS. Sandhya and Lalima keep Karwachauth for Sooraj. Nadz 30th Oct – 5: He holds her hand and gets her close. Pari says just one more sum. Bhabho stops Sandhya and takes the prescription. Mohit comes to the room. She smiles and gets up.

Bhabho gets teary eyed and goes. Bhabho is annoyed with Sandhya and blesses Lalima instead her. He asks how did you know. Sandhya says you are misunderstanding Meenakshi.