SSN talked to the executive producers about how the show goes from the idea stage to fully-formed episodes, how they work with the show’s namesakes, Keegan Michael Key and Jordan Peele, to shape episodes and what they find funny. Comedy Central knows the audience needs something to connect to personally. Show all 13 episodes. Jordan’s character suggests they get a hooker and that they’re all going to have sex with the hooker. We’ve shied away from doing TV parody. Start your free trial.

It’s about ego and pride, and what a great context to put it in: Edit Did You Know? Add it to your IMDbPage. Our show looks cinematic and that – sets it apart. Dominic Dierkes added a new photo. Sections of this page. He wrote the VH1 movie Warning: See the full gallery.

I think there’s one this year that’s ‘third time is the charm. Dominic Dierkes added an event. We had two writers on staff who are UCB trained and everyone on the writing centra has something to do with UCB and Jordan, Keegan and Jay have all been in sketch their whole lives, as I have, and from that – our scenes don’t meander.

Maybe they could play Jewish slaves.

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Audible Download Audio Books. We all rewrite and provide notes.

Roberts and the other members of the UCB currently operate theaters in New York City and Los Angeles that have become the premier venues for alternative comedy. In that same category, a sketch I love has Jordan looking like Manny Ramirez as a baseball player who is addicted to slapping other players’ asses, and he has a lisp when he says, ‘C’mon, man, it’s a little slap-ass!


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That’s something we set out to do. Clmedy Case of the Haunted Hotel Video short executive producer. Show all 8 episodes. There’s a preview clip of upcoming episodes too. I difrkes wish I had gotten invited to this Equals Sign party everyone has pictures from: Having had my own sketch show and now working as a showrunner on a sketch show, I think everyone’s goal is to do great sketches with strong comic games.

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Dominic Dierkes shared Memphis Comedy Festival ‘s event. We’ve shied away from doing TV parody. To make believe you’re coming up with stuff on the spot and cmoedy is the hardest.

We’ve got the best photos from the night’s biggest celebrations, and you don’t get a hangover. Unlike a narrative show, you can take chunks of it and put it on the Internet.

Read episode descriptions and customer reviews. We’ve got our substitute teacher, which is our biggest ever bit online. We wrote them and then we had difficulty with that because the guys had to act and fake things off the cuff. All the best man! Dominic Dierkes added a new photo. A lot of it is about human behavior, and they use race because it provides the best way to show human behavior at its worst. Part of the great thing of working with Jordan and Keegan is we’ve been able to deal with certain issues about race that you couldn’t do with two white comics.


Jay Martel wrote and directed the award-winning independent feature Terrorists. This season is our best yet because everyone’s learned how to work as a unit so well. There’s a quick set-up, and that’s very UCB, but I think everybody brings that. When you were first developing the show, what was your general thinking or plan?

The sketches get better every season.

Q&A With Memphis Comedy Fest Headliners: Baron Vaughn and Dominic Dierkes

It was amazing to accomplish on a sketch-show budget, so I’m excited and proud of that. If we say, ‘Hey, you’ve got to hear this at the table read. It’s about ego and pride, and what a great context to put it in: There are sketches that I think look better than the film they’re parodying and that’s pretty extraordinary. We also run the first nationally accredited improv and sketch comedy school in the country.

Just watched the latest episode of Ash vs Evil Dead and saw that you wrote it. The stage stuff evolved each year. That has to do with technology, and it’s improving every year. It’s in the third episode this season.

Hey LA folks, on Tues at 9: Show all 13 episodes. There’s The Valets, who obsess about Liam Neeson. The Cool Breeze Video short.