So I gave them options. I don’t want her hurt. I wrote shafki when I should have written shafkoa. I will not have you body burned. Will you kill the—. If anyone has a better suggestion for what is being said then feel free to contribute anything you can. The earth ends at The Black Salt Sea.

Kash qoy qoyi thira disse. WIFE 1 Cut off her head before she casts a spell on you. Ma yer adothrae tith; ma yer heshtith; ma yer valshtith. DANY If you will escort me back to Meereen, I will see that your khalasar is given a thousand horses as a sign of my gratitude. You let this witch put her hands on out Khal. On seeing it, Irri bursts into tears, saying:.

We have ridden far enough. The Khal needs no help from slaves who lie with sheep.

We will camp here. Posted in Episode Recaps 19 Comments Tags: Of those names, the male names end in -o and the female names end in -i.

I will not give you that honor. The first time dothraku, of course, George R. So, without further ado: The white-haired girl we found in the hills. In the opening, we see Jhogo-usurper Kovarro riding in on a brand new horse. I burnt his body.

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Chiftik Cricket Next we move to a camp that has been set up. We open on Dany et al. Some of the early videos have a couple of minor errors, but in style and content, I think they serve as an excellent introduction to Dothraki. Not nearly as unlikable? Zhey Mago, anha acharak vos ale. Jinne vos gache vimithrerat. We reading the same book series? He a warrior also? It’s sad Dothraki might in practice lack a couple of harder to pronounce phonemes. The earth ends at The Black Salt Sea. The word nakhok is actually very similar to an ordinal number in its behavior.


Shekh ma shieraki [anni] And to my son, the stallion who will mount the world, I will also pledge a gift. As for what was kept in, I was quite pleased with the first line, given below: Mori avvirsosh khadoes moon. It was a good overall choice, and the scenes in this episode were wonderfully written.

Dothraki dialogue from the TV series.

It came back up on Sunday, but, unfortunately, went down yet again, and the problem appears to be more serious now. Would they actually cut off part of his nose? Here are some potential Dothraki names: Man, this is starting to wear on me. The line is not grammatical but that was done intentionally since Daenerys is a novice at this point.

Me izvena, jin athchilozar ma khaleenisoon. Not only that, but you could tell that everyone there was a fan of the show. I like Pyat Pree. seaskn

Oh, but a note on realism: WIFE 1 It is known. Let her clean your wound my sun and stars.


See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

But no more of that: Otherwise, we might as well be dogs. And if I’m not mistaken both preposition ma, with and prefix me, that clause introduction are dialoguw into elided version m’ when the word they precede starts with a vowel.

Zin is one of those post-subject particles that acts like certain auxiliaries do in English. Lot of loose ends to be tied up. Hash athlaqar mae zireyesee seaso hash anha afichak shafkea lekh moon. Plus, everyone knew every character, and knew all the ins and outs of the first season, and reacted appropriately to the action on screen. Vo hrazef laz yoma evethiz.

I was looking about for this just the other day. Thanks for stopping by! Kash qoy qoyi thira disse.

Imeimei — Valyrian and Dothraki Dialogue, Episode of

My brain is fried. Just why does he want her around? That scene between Renly and Stannis was brilliant. It seemed like the best way to translate the emphatic in English.