But their plans run afoul as their record label’s president falls gravely ill, and his son voiced by Steve Vai is put in charge, and wishes revenge for an incident at the beginning of Dethklok’s career. Afterwards, the checkup results show that Pickles has a terminal illness. Rockso, what you don’t know Is that we’ve uncovered the Never-before-told story of your Horrible demise, a story of Loss, a story of a broken heart. Share this Rating Title: How do you sell tickets to a Show that no one believes will Ever happen? But looks at you now. While on probation, Toki and Murderface act as celebrity guest judges on “American Super Talent Havers” to make some extra money. Murderface tired of the band telling him that the Christmas special is going to suck lies and says that it will be full of blood, gore and tits.

Ga-ba-da, ga-ba-da, ga-ba-da, Ga-ba-da, ga-ba-da! I guess I [bleep] up your whole Stupids comesbacks. Trying to distance themselves from celebrity status and re-connect with normal people, Dethklok decides to join Thunderhorse, in the process kicking out all the original members. When the band informs X2P who they have recently come to dislike, the drum machine goes haywire and kidnaps the band, locking them in a van and starts its self detonation sequence while attached to the vehicle. He just [bleep] freaks out. Listen if you get the girl Back, you get the clown back.

He needs the clown. Look there’s Nothing I hate more than that clown, but there isn’t Anything I won’t do to hang out With mickey mouse! Toki used his portion of The vacation fund, right? Rockso, the rock ‘n’ roll Clown. Several thousand men come forward, claiming to be Skwisgaar’s father gockso they had sex with his mother, but DNA testing finds no match.

As long as my friends was there, Nobodys could hurts me. The band tries everything to get people to go to the concert, including putting up posters, setting up interviews with the media; but during one final interview, Dr.

You gave up your Soul. It’s the only way we’re gonna Make our vacation money back. His brother lied to Pickles, because he burned down the garage and blamed it on him when he was a kid, which is the only reason why the Drummer drank, leaving the doctors to command Pickles to forgive Seth. Come and get a little bit of This. Maybe I can help. He’s making decisions with his Dumb gay rrockso, so we got to Step up and take over this Stupid [bleep] zazz blammymatazz Project. Dethklok put their necks out on The line for an old has-been Rock ‘n’ rcokso clown, but will He show?


Dethklok faces life without Offdensen, who has died as a result of his injuries at the hands of the Metal Masked Assassin.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? He is [bleep] Personified. I loved my mvlean. Search for ” Dethzazz ” on Amazon.

Metalocalypse (2006) s03e09 Episode Script

Can I get a water? He realizes that what Nathan said is true, that he isn’t a regular person, but he is a guitar god.

Just as Nathan prepares to sign the new contract, Offdensen appears, apparently back from the dead, and tells Dethklok that they should continue with the show and that he will take care of the contract.

I’m sitting here with Leonard rockstein, a. Toki, we should have a Professional look at you. I mean, is that a new suit? Selatcia brainwashing General Crozier in “Dethrelease” and may know not only of the Falconback Project, but Selatcia’s true identity.

You gave up everything you had.

The monster is coming. Kirk Hammett of Metallica Songs included: Look at all these quarters! I sold every one! You’re like a dogs what’s Bloateds and rottings on the Sides of the roads, likes a Turds in a toilet ins an Abandoned buildings what’s no Ones even flushed, likes a dead Whore what’s the cr won’t Even investigate ’cause no ones Cares.

We just want to Relax!

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She’s a grown-up now. Has you gots anythings to says Abouts this? Say hello mclesn dory mclean. After a near-death experience, Dethklok must face the brutality of going to a doctor. You’re coming with us, and I’ll Tell you why we found her. He gonna I’m gonna kill you.


How much did you makes? Offdensen gets visibly angry and yells at the band for the first time in the entire series, going so far as to order them out of the room while conducting a planning session trying to fix the mess the band has created. In the meantime, X2P becomes self-aware through alcohol, drugs and sex with groupies, an event its creators warned against.

Rockso and the rest of Zazz Blammymatazz. You ams ons tops, and that’s why You have slumps to the bottoms Of garbage. He just [bleep] freaks out. Now, toki, Mcleab know that you can Hear me. After an accident at a show in Mozambique that seemed to be caused by Pickles’ drinking costs millions of dollars in damage, Pickles is into rehab. She want to see dr.

Later, in Mordhaus, Charles gives Toki and Murderface musical suspension forms, making them on probation. After the credits, Nathan and the doctor go out hunting, but as fate would have it, the doctor shoots himself in the mouth. Full Cast and Crew.

You gave up your music, the Band. Rockso knows what He’s doing when it comes to Promoting rock-ka-ka roll, baby! Now, listens, rockso We needs to takes this seriously And sells these people on the Ideas that this concerts reallys Gonna happens. The third season of the animated show Metalocalypse originally aired on Adult Swim from November 8, to October 24, with 10 episodes.

Dethzazz 17 Oct 8. Guys, what if toki Never comes out of his Punishment hole?