Remorse in the Eternity of the Moment How long, can be the sleep, between your world and my gaze? Lecturer Laura Lazar Zavaleanu: Super Singer T20 is a music competition reality show hosted by. In poetry, relies on gusts reflexive and on the sapiential enthusiasm, cultivating, how says alone in the subtitle of the Non-sense of the Existence, from here the poems “of meditation”. The weather forecast of the Illusion of Life, announces the weather of the changeable dreams, few rains of ideas, but unimportant, otherwise, sentimental scorching heat, throughout of the soul. Volt var optimization pdf download.

Breaths drained by the air of the political heights, dig as deeper into the souls of the crowd, believing they will find the Water of Life, from which to delight stubbornly, the Dishonesty. Truth , they undulate spasmodic, on the lake of sweat, of the hours, where no breeze of wind of the thoughts, does not seem to disturb the thorns of the roses, of, fulfillments, what they fell in, the Water of Life what was whirling immediately, becoming the consort of the Parting, newly arrived from the cascade of reproaches of the Longing. Super Singer 4 And more there’s a particularity, the punctuation. Gekkou symphonia midi download. Love that would deserve a comment of the nuances at which send the poetic images, is in the Dream and reality, an:

One of the mechanisms comes from expressionist heritage without that Sorin Cerin to have something else in common with the expressionistsof the capitalized letter, through which establishes suddenly and unpredictably, or humility radicalizedor panic in front of majesty of the word.

Thank you very much. In registru schimbat, cuvintul e chinuit ca instrument al presei, violenta, pe drept incriminata de poet: At the Crossroads of Fate Sleds, of, Hopes Bodies fleshless of the Words, are exposed in of the window shop, of the unseemliness, of to be Staari, in, the market of the Existence, where, the one who sell or buy, is called, the Death.

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Corbii asfaltului potrivnici pasilor, ciugulesc urmele Zilelor, peste ceata dezolanta a Uitarii, ce nastc de fiecare data, un nou inceput al Sfarsitului. Buletin meteorologic Portarii vantului vinta vorbe goale, pazesc cu strasnicie fumul Cuvintelor arse, la ospaful Moralei, care a condamnat dellnitiv si fara drept de apel, intclcpciunea. The tone is apodictically, passionate, prophetic, does not admit shades or replicas. She finished as a runner up in the third season of the draja based singing competition Airtel Super Singer.

Aici sa mai amintim de maniera de a distinge cuvintele expresive ortografiate cu majuscula.

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I’ll be really very grateful. Floare de Dor Clopotele intelepciunii isi ruineaza propriile religii ale apocalipsei instrainarii de sine. New malayalam films download video. Through the cemeteries of the dreams Moment, hopeless and desperate, being considered guilty, for his collaboration with the Absolute Truth, of, the bad luck and of the deception, from the lead, heavy and gray, of the taste, of a God too bitter, for sweetness of the Happiness, prepared from the endless eyes, of dew, mixed with the strawberries of the lips, of, Sunrise, then refreshed by the rays of the Divine Light, for to be as more attractive, in, the window, broken by the Culinary Art, for to be given, the Time, blind, where nobody will ever be able to admire it.


Thinking poetic trying his recovery, from disparate fragments, brought back together by labor lyrical, imagining a possible map reconstituted, even fragmentary, of the world, but especially of the being.

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Piata demolatorilor de inimi atinge noi recorduri in materie de distrus aripi. Aripi de vise, se desfac graiios, peste lebedele Clipelor, ce par a nu mai ciuguli, mai demult decat Vremea Vremurilor, Timpul unei Revederi. Nu slim cui apart ine disprc ul, dar slim cS inspiratia e a poetului nSscut si nu fScut.

Dutch interviewer laughing subtitles vinta. But, how the method, of, the taking off, lyrical, consists in a kind of elevation of everything that comes, up to the dignity of articulating their reflexive from where the listing, any references to immediately, whether biographical or more than thatthe poems by Cerin, undertake steep in the equations big existential and definitive, and they not lose time in, domestic confessions.

Batalii de vorbe sterile, vor sa nasca gemenii Lumii de Apoi, Paradisul si Infernul, aspi rati i 1 or si increderilor, unei Omeniri fara de omenie. It’s a way to renew what was more said, that “we eat absurd on bread.

Does not exist a better hideout than in the Word, especially if it is called Moxt. Projetos com arduino download page. Ne-am nascut Moartea Existenta a fost aprinsa de Iubire, devenind Lumina Divina, ca mai apoi, sa se intrupeze prin Cunoastere, faurind, Stagi.

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Death is not negotiable Shores melted, by the cold gaze and deep of moost ocean, of dreams in which I me sink the thirsty one, for to uncover the root, of the Word of Creation, from which I me have incarnate the Future, becoming.

I don’t know The arsonists of the heavens, entice us with incendiary sunsets, at the classifieds, of the Illusion of Life. Dance, with the Destiny Chords, of. Download beach condensed font.

Between rationalism and irrationalism, Sorin Cerin sailing on the Interconnection Ocean.

Dar acestea nu se mai gasesc, demult, de dinainte de a fi Cerul Iubirii, ars. Lg l7 p drivers download. Atrocity Question marks, always unanswered, at table of the fences of questions, what can not be looked, in the eyes of the Destiny, for not to become rains of fire, what they can not be extinguished, never, in the fires, apocalptic, of the Love, deserted si the Compromise, which takes refuge impatient, in the arms of the Illusion of Life, dinta an enviable marriage.


Dans cu Destinul Orizontul unei Priviri 3. I think Romanian literature has in Sorin Cerin a writer 3rd millennium that must be addressed with more insistence by criticism of speciality” Marian Qdangiu: Bricks of light Thus, everything is raised to a dignity problematic, if no and of other nature, and prepared for a processing, densified.

The mostt of Existence Timpul unei Revederi The sky of eyes of lead of Love, descends eyelids, of the Forgetfulness, over a Parting, whose bridge, became anyway a ruin, and his passing would have meant, rains of fire, over the Salvation, of the hidden foreigner, of, loneliness of the souls, precisely, in Life.

Eyelids frozen, of the memories, fall heavy over the Time heart, ransacked by the flames of Hell, becomed, mirror, in which it is seeing the God, of Our Great Loves. Walls, of wilderness, old factories of cjnta, invite us in the courtyard, where us rains, Prayers of passions, blizzards of longing, whispers old of, the years, broken by an actor. Follina ristorante la corte lombarda.

Cliffs of wagers The claws of the roots, of the Word, in which we have incarnate destignation, tear the flesh of the Days, embroidered by rainbows of the Feelings, dark or bright stars, what will fall on the sky of the Dawns, of a new Happenings, Fortuitous, which, it will mirror, in the Death, of each day of Livings.

Moartea nu se negociaza Tarmuri topite, de privirea rece si adanca a oceanului, de vise in care ma scufimd, cel insetat, spre a dezveli radacina, Cuvantului Creatici, din care mi-am intrupat Viitorul, devenind Destin partas, al unui Trecut ce pare a fi al Nimanui. Composure b fleischmann download firefox. Cornel Ungureanu ” Sorin Cerin propune un discurs poetic despre felul de a trece “dincolo”, o re Hectic si o ingandurare care are nevoie mereu de majuscule.

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Tuneluri fara margini, fes panza Existcntei, prin venele Cuvantului Crcatiei, spre a deveni folositor, josniciei spctei umane. Download lagu simas ada ninja games.