An inspired editor could make you see the sense of changing the entire linear narrative of your script. One day, I attended an open mic poetry session and also performed one of the poems i’d written for which I received a lot of appreciation. Deadline hours, 30th of April, All the best! Sakar Ngo Social Service. Such films, fiction or non-fiction, provide us a scope or chance for discussion and help us study their reaction on audiences. This competition has been removed from your watch list View Watch List.

We hope that you may continue to support our cause. Abortion a Women and post abortion care b Access to abortion — girls and women c Preventing unsafe abortion. YouTube link of the short film Subject Name: We are falling short of words in expressing gratitude for all the su Get Notified Add to Watch List. Do not be overwhelmed.

At times it gets exhausting, I once took up a challenge of directing a short film in 48 hours where me and my small team of assistant directors did not sleep for two days straight. Try out our platform! Start a new discussions.


Join Group settings More. Super Grandmaster World Cup Drixhtikon a Women and post abortion care b Access to abortion — girls and women c Preventing unsafe abortion FPA India encourages youth 15 to 24 years to submit films covering these subjects, in both narrative and documentary formats. However, there is no limitation or constraint on the way the theme is incorporated in the film.

Drishtikon – R N Podar initiative Public drishtikob. Drishtikon A Digital Platform for Youth Expression Today, short films have become an ideal way to allow the general populace a window, an opportunity to glimpse a tale in a short and comprehensive form. A space to express themselves and make their voices and opinions heard through the audio-visual medium.

The sessions are conducted on a regular basis and we’ve had a number of poets performing on various issues. Along with your direction assistants if you have the luxury to have one or two, especially to maintain a log book or continuity which will come in very handy during editingthe production facilitates the smooth running of a production.

When capturing a solo character, both in a narrative film and as a subject in a documentary, it is preferred to use the rule of thirds. You do not want to be thinking about setting up the next shot and ensuring if all the things needed for it are in place while you are shooting the present shot. It is not for nothing that it is said that a film is made on the editing table.


Homie June 29, A true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer. Meeran Chadha Borwankar Government Official. Play this demo quiz’ General Rules: Editing is a creative art- one that is honed with experience.

Abortion a Drisshtikon and drishtkkon abortion care b Access to abortion — girls and women c Preventing unsafe abortion. Understand that a static frame can also be just as interesting. Again, for a short film, a single recordist with a couple of lapel microphones should suffice. Recent Post by Page. Once done with the shooting, they will also help in transporting footage to the edit suites and coordinating deliveries.

Try and play with angles when challenged with constraints.

Today with digital cameras and smartphones, making a short film is easier than ever. I have witnessed spoken word in India grow tremendously in the past few months. Shorf open on the February 15, Apart from yourself and the actors, you will require a cinematographer, a camera team, a sound unit and production runners. Breakdown sheets can be of shots, props, locations and other such variables.

For short films, one may not have the budgets for wind-jammers and other noise reducing accoutrements; so when planning your scenes, account for the ambience.

This is why any filmmaker who thinks like an editor has the advantage of never overshooting. If you have a story to tell, a vision of how to tell fi,m and a drive to tell it… then all you need is to organize yourself and stick to a rough outline of an action list.

Once you are done with your script, you get down to shooting. But overdoing it just for the sake of it can also kill your shorr.

This brings us to editing and general post-production. While the art and science of cinematography is complex and can take time to master, when starting out one will do well to look at available media and see the different types of shots employed.


One of the first things that you must do is decide whether you want to make a narrative fiction film or a non-fiction documentary. You will begin laying your music and adding other sounds during editing as well.

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At Drishtikon, we invite entries ahort short film reflecting on the theme of Counter Culture – a subculture whose values and norms of behaviour differ substantially from those of mainstream society, often in opposition to mainstream cultural mores.

Try and make your characters as interesting as possible. Here are glimpses from the programme launch on Monday, 4th February Most importantly, an editor will find just the right tone and pacing for your film. Now in its 23rd year, Young Package is open for entries for the international design competition in packaging desig Family Planning Association of India FPA India is a civil society organization that provides comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and services to over 30 million people, making sexual and reproductive health SRH care easily accessible to those who are fikm need, viz.

They act as embellishing aids in telling a story. My first objective was that spoken word poetry or being a performance poet should become a legit career option.

You may or may not require set designers, depending on the scale of xhort film. This is where production managers and runners come into play. Here are glimpses from the programme launch on Monday, 4th February Abortion a Women and post abortion care b Access to crishtikon — girls and women c Preventing unsafe abortion.

If your camera sense is strong, and you have a fairly decent understanding of light, you could shoot your own film.