Soca Gold Pan Woman. EastEnders bosses announced last month they were planning a serious knife crime plot with the help of actress Brooke Kinsella, whose brother Ben died from a brutal attack 10 years ago. Family Father Masood Ahmed. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Inzamam Ahmed AJ Ahmed. Yusef starts a relationship with Denise.

Masood is still the only person who can see Yusef for what he really is, so he goes into a blind panic over the situation. Retrieved 26 December However, Masood threatens to tell the police about Danny’s dodgy investments, so Danny withdraws the allegations. Bhatti was the only actor who auditioned for the part of Yusef. It’s a process all characters go through to decide what they’d do in certain situations, given certain choices and basic things, for example who they’d like or dislike on [Albert] Square. It is a twisted love triangle that will also show the sometimes brutal side of arranged marriages. Realising Zainab tricked him, he briefly smiles, and the floor collapses beneath him and he succumbs to the flames, killing him. A drunken Roxy offers to be the surrogate mother and although Syed tells Christian that it is happening too quickly, Roxy has already impregnated herself with Christian’s sperm.

He has to live with the fact that he’s not being true to himself over his sexuality.


Eliott was told he had been storyllne cast just before Christmas I think she walks sideways for quite a bit of the time. Elliot said he was pleased that the affair came out this way, as “it’s far more realistic this way”.


Retrieved 28 May As Zainab starts to disrespect his wishes, Yusef slaps her and apologises as he thought he was going to lose her. I had to show this can happen to any woman, no matter how strong she seems.

Eventually Amira comes to Walford and wants Syed to be part of Yasmin’s life as long as Christian is not part of it. Sunday 25 December Duration: He and Christian attend Tamwar’s engagement party together, much to the disgust of his parents.

Then Masood becomes very concerned for Zainab in a very genuine way. Property developer Caterer Massage therapist Market stall holder.

The Curse of the Black P. Yusef is wrongly accused of having an affair with Zainab, due to his sister-in-law overhearing them speaking. Amira’s father Qadim Ramon Tikaram becomes very mad at him.

Retrieved 16 November Masood calls in the police, and they make sure that Kamil is safe, but we’re left to wonder if he will stay that way. Preeya kept getting occasional glimpses of me practising in the hallways and she didn’t look too impressed with what she saw.

Christian returns to Walford at Christmas, and when he sees Syed and Amira, he mocks them for behaving like a couple. The manipulator can take advantage, so it’s to prove that it can even happen to people like her.

Iqra and Habiba EastEnders: Zainab’s confidence has been steadily eroded. A hurt Christian tries to move away from Walford, but is unable to forget about Syed, and returns in an attempt to deter him from marriage. He then tells them to live their lives and he will live his. It’s exciting for us to play. Elliott was cast in the role after a successful reading with Ganatra and Wadia.


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It’s been really, really good to work with Diane Parish as Masood doesn’t often get to mix with the other characters. Added, go to My Music to see full list. Johnny did a great job with that routine, although I added in the back flip myself! His parents help him escape from a firebut they return to ignoring him in the aftermath. Upon discovering that the restaurant doesn’t belong to Yusef, he reveals to Afia that Yusef started the fire involving Zainab.

It is such a huge disaster that it will affect most of the families on the show in one way or another.

Yusef’s cousin Tariq Antony Bunsee arrives and he reveals that Yusef started the fire that burnt Zainab. Christian and Syed try to pursue an adoption and Christian finds a new flat for them. Retrieved 6 June