Supriya is about to talk to Devki about something, and just then Ghana returns home. Ulka gives him a couple of suggestions to patch up. Shripad appreciates Mayi for managing to convince Ghana. Manav goes away from there. Radha is stunned to hear Sonia asking her husband to take her shopping for Radha’s engagement. The women are amazed that Ulka had been with her ex-husband’s wife for shopping.

They also tell Shripad that they will willingly help in Ghana’s wedding. She defends herself saying that every boy had some shortcomings. She forces him to get up and sleep on the cot. Avinash adds that he is sure that the alliance will be fixed, and announces a bonus if it happens. He leaves the envelope on the table, and tells Sumukhi to ask Mauli to courier the envelope. Digambar dozes off instead of listening to her. The moment Supriya leaves the room, Digambar calls someone to talk about a bet. Vinod too arrives at the venue.

Eka Lagnachi Dusari Goshta: Eka Lagnachi Dusari Goshta 9 June Episodes

Ghanshyam Kale alias Ghana Swapnil Joshi is caught by a traffic police for not presenting the correct documents. Ulka laughs when Ghana states that he will have a registered marriage.

Radha asks him if they are actually made for each other. Mahesh comes to meet Avinash to share his happiness about Radha’s consent for marriage. Ghana and Radha too are unable to sleep as they are trying to accept each other in their lagnaci. Manav, who is head over heels in love with Radha, tries to impress her with his poetries.

Ganga calls Ghana to inform him that Mayi is breathing ekaa last. He also shares Radha’s childhood with Ghana. Radha makes Ghana wear the ring. Shripad states that if Ghana approves of the girl he is going to meet, she will be lucky as he has rejected 68 girls before.


Manav suddenly cheers up. Vallari asks Supriya to accompany her for Ghana’s shopping.

Radha is stunned to hear Kea asking her husband to take her shopping for Radha’s engagement. Manav is upset about it, but consoles himself saying that Radha will refuse again, as usual. Radha returns home and tells Mahesh that she enjoyed at llagnachi function. Just then an elated Devki informs Mayi about Ghana’s consent.

Radha tells him that she is making a shopping list of the ceremony. Avinash announces to the staff members about Radha’s alliance being fixed. Radha calls Ghana and confronts him. Vallari asks Kuhu to help her in the household chores. Kuhu expresses her wish in a poetic way. Ulka advises him to take a rational decision. Ghana informs her that Mahesh has approved the date. Ghana tries to talk to Shripad, but he too ignores.

Vallari gets irritated on Vallabh for take her photograph while she is eating snacks. Prachi tells Radha about the increasing expectations of the groom’s family. On the other hand, even Mahesh tries to convince Radha to have an engagement ceremony, but Radha refuses. However, he gets emotional and places his hands on Radha’s shoulders. Digambar dozes off instead of listening to her.

When Mayi asks them what they brought, they once again start talking together. However, they are disappointed when Devki tells Supriya to train Radha too. Kuhu tells her mother that she wishes to wear goshtw sari for Ghana’s engagement. Even Kuhu asks Ghana to approve the girl.


Vinod and Avinash introduce themselves to each other. Mahesh firmly tells her that he will bear the expenditure, and that he won’t bear her tantrums.

Eka Lagnachi Dusri Goshta June 16 ’12

The policeman is touched by the gesture and refuses to charge a fine. Prachi tells Mahesh that she will also have to inform the jeweler that she won’t be ordering the jewelry from him. Radha is surprised to see Sonia early lanachi. Devki informs him that Ghana has agreed for the engagement, and he has gone to meet Radha. She expresses her dislike for calling one’s companion with different names. Supriya shows hope to Sumukhi that Ghana’s engagement will be called off and Ghana will choose her.

Vallari agrees to buy jume nice sari for Kuhu. However, his tension is relieved when they reveal that they have come to help him.

Mayi suggests Shripad to take Mahesh’s opinion. Devki selects clothes for Ghana. Digambar asks him to wish Radha good night.

Vallari tries to tell Devki that Supriya doesn’t seem happy, but Devki interrupts saying that Mahesh shouldn’t make a diamond ring for Ghana because it does not suit him as per astrology.

Mahesh calls Radha at her office and informs her that Prachi is leaving as there is no engagement ceremony. Kuhu replies that she won’t be having a registered marriage.