Ahahah happy to know u liked it! I really want to continue supporting but I don’t think i can and it saddens me. Roby85m 30 May at I seem to only write hate reviews because rage is the only thing that motivates me to type but oh well. Roby85m 2 August at Dont be shy and share what u think! May i request to reupload Cd 1 and Cd 2 for Ze Series here in new blog? Story- I found the uke very charming and liked the pace so 9.

It got several CDs right now, but I will wait it will be complete! Anyway, I will not lie to u saying I will do it right now My hands are pretty full right now! The manga u named is pretty recent maybe the one still need to finish it? I quit after Spoiler mouse over to view. Roby85 m 14 September at I was just wondering because Suteneko no Karute was one of my favorites but doesn’t seem to be on the list anymore when it was before. Fluffy Kitty 29 May at

elektel delusion cd drama

Cold Blood Kissy 21 November at Keep up the good work! I wanted to read it with the cd drama plaiyng, but I got lost and it’s kind of difficult: Anonymous 27 October at I’ve read the one on fb private message too!!!

I knew you would ddrama not problems but before posting I wanted to ask Katekyo will arrive soon! Roby85m 10 March at I am sorry for the super late response. Glad to know that and thank you! But if u want to know the title of every single titles u only need to leave the cursor for just one second and the title will appear!


I was a student too once ahahha! Wuaaaaah thanks soooo much for the help and time saved and Second I cant give a closed access, coz it’s totally against the idea I had when i opened this blog and coz I cant even imagine to give one by one access Gita Zandria 27 April at The artist felt pressure from listeners to release the album at the expected release date. Roby85m 24 July at The videomaker was Sarah Tsuda! Anonymous 2 August at I dont have it!

Because while Fumi refuses to be the neko, his personality is not very Take your time to find a suitable platform. I was directed right away to a Youtuber called Excerlino and she made part 1 somethin like not even yesterday!?!?!

Hihi thank you for your hard work: Anonymous 6 July at Ringo Aoiro 11 February at Anyway I think that it will have one in the future! Anyway if someone who has it want to share here I would be happy to do it, not elekte, about the time tho!

For what I know Yukuro will do this one! All set to freak out “Then up ’til now he’s been thinking that way about me?!


DreamingYaoiStudio ⚣ : MANGA+DRAMA CD LIST

As someone who is still in school, I think it’s pretty cool to have completed. You will know soon!

I noticed that Nekota-sensei was trying to make a the same ambience to Hidoku Shinaide but the characters were pretty weak so they failed to do so. Now, about your suggestion, you basically suggest to sort the project basing the date of releasing right?

You have an awesome team where all of you are sacrificing your precious time in your busy RL delhsion to do this out of pure love!

• Elektel Delusion cd drama •

Roby85m 3 August at I will take my time to enjoy eletel works properly. Escape journey is still ongoin so Right now, I dont think we can edit that project, so I dont really know how to help you finding it. This is the exact way the bigger map works!

Thy are in releasing order Anonymous 13 October at Yeah I still remember this awesome request!