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However her identity is soon discovered by Emperor Ta-hwan, who begins to yearn and obsess over Seungyang, who is now known as Nyang. Why you need to let Ta Hwan died? Retrieved 14 April Best ending would have been, Maha surviving and going to live with Wang Yu and becoming the crown prince of Goryeo. Seungnyang is a young Goryeo-born girl who witnesses the traumatic death of her mother by the hands of General Dangkise, and grows up as a man to conceal her identity as a woman under the alias, “The Jackal”. Huang Xiuqi April 30, at 8:

Christina April 29, at BTS album art plagiarized photographer Faucon? Diana Sone April 30, at 1: Michi April 29, at Been watching and totally shock on its ending. Historians were worried that the audience would overlook the fact that the real-life Empress Ki was responsible for attacking her native land.

Even SN-Dangkise scenes are so intense. The early working title was Hwatu Hangul: Seungnyang is a young Goryeo-born girl who witnesses the traumatic death of her mother by the hands of General Dangkise, and grows up as a man to conceal her identity as a woman under the alias, “The Jackal”.

Ha Ji Won is just so good, from a tomboy, a feminine lady in love, a revengeful young mother, a kickass consort to a powerful empress, She demonstrated various sides and faces of a single character amazingly.


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Just watched the final ep even without subs and I’m just sitting here mourning about Tal Tal. Nyang gives birth to Star, but soon loses him after they are thrown off of a cliff; fortunately for Nyang, she is saved by Jokho, an ally, but presumes her child to be dead. He really grew on me.

To me, that says a lot. Retrieved 8 Empress I am gonna miss the show and the most precious emperor for sure: During the invasion of Mongols, Tal Tal is killed in battle, and Ta-hwan dies in Nyang’s arms, after she confesses she has always loved him.


I love ha ji won starting from her acting in memories of bali with jo in sung and so ji sub. Upsetting to see it end. I hated him in baek dong soo bcoz he chooses dramafore statue girl but here i just love him to death and him and sunyang was the only fun part to watch. And is it really just me who think that he looks a bit like Lee Minho as well?

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Archived from the original on November emprrss, But he is popular in Korea, however. I like him when he is in the Smile Donghae show. The acting saves the drama. South Korean historical television series Historical romance South Korean television series debuts South Korean television series endings Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation television dramas Television series set in Goryeo s South Korean television series Screenplays by Jang Young-chul Television series emprfss in the 14th century.


It aired a couple days back, but I’ve been waiting for you to post something about it lol. Screenplays by Jang Young-chul.

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OMG this moment was so powerful, I loved his acting this time as well ok every dramfire timehe’s such a great actor. NB, can you please trans some articles for the finale of “Cunning Single Lady”? D Yes, there will be more episodes. He died knowing SN finally love him and all this time, he thinks she’s only using him for revenge.

Sailormoon Ok April 30, at 3: Ryn Lexa April 29, at How it is sad is living alone while others died In a perfect world they’d have made such an amazing emperor and empress.

I loved the moment when she kicks Tanashili’s ass haha or when she didn’t let herself being bullied by Yeonhwa: He came to realise that the medicine he’s taking is poisonous but he took episodde neverthelessly, to protect her and their son.

This is like a blessing to act with Ha Ji Won.

I am still in denial.