Quote message in reply? When it comes to the drainback you’re right about the stuff going back into the motor isn’t good. BB code is On. You’d be much better making your own. Any input on this is appreciated as I really don’t want to run “open breather” when daily driving! I’ll keep you posted if it eliminates the problems I’ve had. You need that air flowing into the valve cover. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon.

You need that air flowing into the valve cover. A smaller hose is connected to a tee fitting on the passenger’s side hose that routes to the very bottom fitting of the can, I believe this is for the oil to drain back. I hope this helps you mounting it on the front. The time now is Send a private message to boosted k Results 1 to 12 of The engine would become a vacuum pump, and you would never have an oil leak, or

It is fine to have a filter on top. TO make sure the air venting to the atmosphere is clean? I don’t have as much experience with K-series, but if they have similar hex bolts on the back of the block, chances are they are there for n same reasons. Holly Springs, NC Posts: That old deck plate was sold.

Endyn breather kit + daily driving = problems ??

If you capped off the valve cover vent, what do you think would happen Will definitely refer to this if I still plan to go down the Ssries road.

Honda put it there for a reason. Civic Endhn Si Hatchi so people run 2 sandwich plates? Endyn catch can crankcase breather kit spewing oil – How do I fix it? That’s what I do anyway so I decided to keep it. Other comments When building a hybrid to make things easier just remove plugs and fit the bungs before dropping them in, but if already dropped motor no need to fret its not that hard to do.


I personally would not run the pcv, run it open only. Featured How-Tos Honda Civic: Make sure you get an accurate ID measurement of the hole. Find More Posts by superdupervtec. Hope that all made sense. Fit the Breather Bung onto the hole, and tighten with a shifter 4. Im working on getting that tach for you.

Shoudl be relatively clean. It completes the whole PCV breather system.

Pressures like these cause oil and other contaminates to severely degrade the quality of the mixture in the cylinders, reducing power and greatly increasing the possibility of detonation. I recently bought seriess Endyn breather kit for my b20vtec which will be running within the next few days. These press in, that’s it.

That’s why the tube is pre heated to avoid condensation in the valve cover. PM me sometime on Rocket Forumns The vapors you are smelling are oil vapors. Send a private message to HomeDepotMade. When you two were discussing filters above I thought we were still discussing the damn filet people stick on there valve cover. BB code is On. I’ve since then put km on the car with absolutely no problems of any kind.

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Look closer at the Endyyn pic. You will still get some ventilation.

The new ENDYN breather kit uses a remote modified Moroso tank to separate oil vapors from the air that the engine inhales via the PCV valve, provides two large diameter block located outlets for excessive crankcase pressure, an off-road only breather filter to vent vapors to atmosphere, as well as a tank drain-back system to return excess oil to the crankcase under light throttle and deceleration.


Send a private message to SMSP. Everything is run very well lines are very straight down with no interruptions. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Talk with steve, if he wants to make you a basemap, then i kot chip your p The next day I was going up the same hill and same thing happend again. Pics of Plugs removed 3.

Lately I’ve discovered a problem with it. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Serids Have an STD. DONT run the drainback. You follow these steps at your own risk!

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Note that passwords are case-sensitive. However if you want positive crank case ventillation you want to draw the crank case pressure out via vaccum. A smaller hose serie connected to a tee fitting on the passenger’s side hose that routes to the very endn fitting of the can, I believe this is for the oil to drain back.

The engine is relieved of pressure from the PCV positive crankcase ventilation on the back of the block. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.