The standard strap on the EMV is a stainless steel bracelet that is actually screwed to the watch case, but both leather and rubber is also available. It does however feature a helium-escape valve and luminescent markers, both unwavering requirements of real divers. It’s obviously a hobby for him not a proper business, hopefully others don’t get sucked in. Help Contact Us Go to top. It is simply impossible to find a more capable and well-constructed diving watch anywhere in the world, at any price point. I think enzo watches are great. Results 1 to 18 of

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The more we read about the Enzo Mechana brand and what this watch represents, it became apparent that this watch is not meant to be necessarily wearable day to day, it was meant to be the most durably-constructed watch ever made. The time now is It doesn’t have any of the graceful compound curves of a watch case machined and polished on high end equipment, but I think that is the point. But, the Enzo is so different, and it keeps calling my name. If I judge it from the perspective of “what can one talented guy do with a bar of flat stock and basic metal working equipment” I think it is a cool example. Results 1 to 18 of

Lining up the Diefendorff Cornelius February 20, I have the Emzo and love it. How does this compare with the more mainstream diving watches? Darren, might this explain why your signature which has moved about a bit recently has now changed to “Wanting Nothing”?

Beside, I have two Ts, and I wouldn’t want to be excessive. I just had to. Both are m divers and look super. Here is Enzo’s explanation taken from his website: Results 1 to 35 of If you don’t wish to respond here, feel free to contact the individuals directly impacted by YOUR delays.


Didn’t realize Enzo was still around, making watches. Pic or it did not happen? Inspired By Heros of the 60s, Wearable By Heros of Today We at Hodinkee love hearing from our readers, we rely on you to help shape the content we put up, after all, this site is all about you. I considered the Enzo, a few weeks ago, and e-mailed enso dealer with a couple of basic questions. Subsequently, I have appreciated more the different types of dials and hands, but they remind me more mechaja the one.

Lug-Lug 50mm ……Height almost 16mm. Originally Posted by rick. I like some of his mmechana. Well, it’s certified to M, or 3,ft, but our guess is it’d be good for an additional league or two. In fact, it is impossible not to.


I wonder, if he still has time to answer customer mail with all the new watches. I never noticed it until yesterday but that whole ring of lume really adds to the watch at night. Sponsored Links Remove Advertisements.

I am giving serious mechanna now to my big watch purchase. In fact, while watch shopping with a friend and AP Royal Oak wearerwe were both asked by strangers to see our wrists. I don’t get it, for the amount of money he charges for a watch who would want to deal with this little prima donna?

Screwed Bars at the Lugs …. I like some of them.

Enzo Mechana Custom Build – some photos

Some people just have a way with words, and other people … oh … not have way. Originally Posted by shadowninja. I have spoken to some solid sources regarding Ocean 7 already – these sound like great dive watches from a great watch company. As such, we look out for each other.


The concept is to remove all connotations of status and jewelry from the watch, and replace it with industrial efficiency and high design more in line with a machine in particular a tank than a diamond bracelet. I Like Panerai, Rolex and many other brands but enzzo mass produced and costs alot of money own a panerai too Think that is why i like Enzo so much just making a few handmade watches very well build, good vintage movement for a very reasonable price.

The time now is Come on, what are you playing at man:?: The LE pvd jumps out in photos though, so maybe the LE is the way to go. I think enzo watches are great.

It represents something that’s generally missed in the watch industry, a producer of non-black diving watches! You get a lot of watch for your money. Results 1 to 18 of Did you check it out also?

I’ll see if I can do a decent one. Slightly blurred and greyscaled my hand cos the skins not very pleasant as I used to have very dry, flakey skin which wagch plus I used to do a lot of hand conditioning for martial arts which toughens the skin but doesn’t make for good hand models. But, the Enzo is so different, and it keeps calling my name.

You have entered an incorrect email address! I would like to reiterate this has nothing to do with the original posting by Medusa or any other forum member Have any of you guys ever owned and worn to any extent an Enzo Mechana watch?