This learning helps me to identify mindsets like that of Nitricc, Ted, Hope, selam she is there nagging and as usual as a crap , and likes. I posted the following comment in both Madote and tesfanews and both were deleted. Sorting All time Today Yesterday This month. Marhab Amanuel Good to read your comment, the cage has been burnt. With this post, I am announcing that I am no longer a member of Awate Team, an agreement reached-upon mutually with my colleagues. You have your purpose, participants have their own purpose.

I use to say he is the laboratory with complete test equipments. And expose PFDJ, he did!. If you persist on using facts-based argument, we have the ever-ready argument that will shut you up for good: Informative, because most of his writing are data driven analysis in a very simplistic way that an average reader could able to grasp easily. I am sorry, but your concept of right and privilege is not correct. This is a wild accusation and very unfounded. A documentary on Eritrean cycling.

Anyway for what ever departure it is, I wish him all the best. Thanks for providing us such web-sites. Keep on, no conformist thinking has ever produced any meaningful result.

Videos For: Salata Mistir Part 2 Eritrean Movie – – tubes on speed dial!

A youtube channel of The Daily African Show. Otherwise, remember we are erirean obliged to take your abuse. Called 4 years ago. Hi Abyssinia, Nitriccs, and all, awate forum, as a public service, is offering you a privilege which you might mistake for a right. An African Huffington Post.

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Building a website that lists all terrible phrases like win-win. Do I still have an obligation to serve you and spend my time on you are I have the right to act human and kick you out?


Imam Mazen Mokhtar – Islam: Male and female, Eritreans are much more likely to enter the labor force than their counterparts in Africa, although there is a great deal of evidence that the 1 force is compulsory. Stay where you feel most comfortable. In order a democratic coup to happen certain conditions must mature on the ground to reflect the democratic nature of the coup itself.

I am sorry, but your concept of right and privilege is not correct. But, I know you do not belong here. Really, Patr fail to understand that. That is my ID Card,bro. I will no longer have an excuse not to write an anarchic blog about nothing.

Federal Register of Legislation – Australian Government

I learn a lot. Translating Kung Fu Panda.

The first capture was a year earlier, we do not control that. Why Chinese architecture is gaudy. My theory as to why he is responding in to a report which was issued in ? Nancy Ajram Mihtagalak 4 years ago.

Mussie Misgina, suggested that the Awate Team complaining about girls getting abused at Sawa is because we are against equality for women. I love every awate participant including those mobie try to tell us they are supporters of PFDJ. Pal, we are willing to serve everyone provided they deal with us decently.

Failure is to get build Ela-Ero, it is when minster defect, it is to so coward that you can even murder disabled, failure is to be reitrean fearful that you refuse a corps to be buried in Eritrea, failure when yu disown your own But the mother of all failures is if a person who enjoys the freedoms of the USA denies it to his follow country men by enabling the criminals in PFDJ Yes, kwegiH eyu, knegih iyu, kberih iyu, because it is nature,in the same token giya them kearib iyu, kemsi iyu.


PFDJ regime is accused several times for his silence and not responding moovie time. That we have dozens of Directors, a tiny number of whom are women. Ethiopian Animation 4 years ago. Al Quranu Hayatuna 4 years ago.

Map of Chuncheon Hotels & Chuncheon Map

It is more like a market and there are agents trying to achieve different goals. What eirtrean that mean? And thank you, albeit partially, for accepting my criticism of your use of a snapshot as a method of proving something To the not so nice things, what have Gya done to annoy you so much that you are willing to accuse me of many things I am not and did not?

Focusing on political, economic, educational policies, he approaches his writing from the perspective of the individual citizens’ civil liberties and how collectivist governments and overbearing organizations trample all over it in pursuit of their interests. An interesting arguement and comment,not to mention the Articulation and the thought process. Guyw expose PFDJ, he did!. Gamo Traditional Song Ethiopian 4 years ago. New Ethiopian Traditional Music 4 years ago.

Will I do any of the things I listed?