He confronts Jeena for lying to Manahil’s father about her then status with to him, to which she cries in front Jameel trying to gain sympathy. Manahil plans a picnic on the instructions of Guru for her children, where Salahuddin also follows them in the park. His father pays his debt, but Mikaeel says he will return all the money to him. In lukewarm reviews for Dawn News Sadaf haider felt that series suffers from “obvious plot holes” and stated “What doesn’t make sense is that each character can see a clear path out of distress but they refuse to take it. Geo TV climbs in Monday ratings”. The soundtrack was praised for its lyrics and composition and vocals, QB and co-singer Shuja Hyder received much appraisal for their singing as well as enthusiastic reviews for Hyder composing, particularly Hyder being praised for “his vocals add depth and variety to the proceedings. Later, Rabiya informs Salahuddin about Manahil and he asks her to take care of her. She try to turned Jameel against Salahuddin in a fit of rage.

Salahuddin’s mother worries about his decision and call Rabiya. Failing in her plans Jeena tries to poison Manahil, but Salahuddin becomes victim, considering herself as Salauhuddin’s murderer, Jeena commits suicide. He also tells her a little about Manahil’s life right now. Salahuddin’s family arrive there. From its eighth till fifteenth episode Mann Mayal averages 2. Retrieved 6 September Ifti makes amends to his father and realises his wife’s motives.

Retrieved 10 August Retrieved 30 January Manahil’s family convinces her to stay with Salah-ul-Din for a while until her father’s recovery. Jeena is orphan khaalil lives alone.

Hum Awards Hum Films List of programs. Jameel apologises for his behaviour and gives him a file that Rehman asked Jameel to give to Salahuddin before his death.

Manahil Aur Khalil – Episode 26_1 – video dailymotion

It was the same year, that we introduced reviewit. She then leaves for Hyderabad where he asks her father kahlil she wants to complete her studies and raise her children on her own.

Salah-ul-Din mother taunts Manahil for getting divorced and living with Salah-ul-Din under one roof and makes her remember how she and her family treated them in past.

Manahil’s disappearance causes panic in the house so Manahil’s father calls Salahuddin’s parents and accuses them for this act. Salah-ul-Din tells him that he would break off the engagement if he has to.


Manahil Aur Khalil – Episode 33 – Part 2/3

Sadaf Says My Tweets. Salah-ul-Din ask Manahil’s permission to bond over children, reluctantly she agrees on some reservations. All episodes of Mann Mayal went available on Hum’s official site by late Will he exprexs a pilot?

Despite receiving highest-ratings, Mann Myal has been a subject of skeptical reviews and reception. I have Messy Bun.

Meanwhile, unknown to Salahuddin that Manahil is staying in his home, she overhears Salahuddin’s and Jeena’s conversation about getting married, and suddenly recalls their past. Salahuddin tries to make Manahil understand that she should leave Mikaeel, but she tells him that she will always be ready to go back to him, despite the fact that he has manabil her since the day they got married.

Manahil is adjusting with her new lifestyle while her parents in-law are in surprise to see her developing the lifestyle of Mikaeel. Salahuddin’s family arrive there. Manahil, unable to get up, faints there. But Mikaeel doesn’t care. Retrieved 10 June The recent fervor at Hum TV to make dramas like Sangat and Gul-e-Rana which glamourise rapists may thankfully have abated.

Hearing this, Salahuddin slaps him. Retrieved 20 February Manahil’s parents follow her only to see Manahil and Salahuddin holding hands. There they find everyone standing at the front door.

On the other hand, Manahil struggles and suffers in silence with her marriage as Mikaeel is more interested in spending his life alone rather than to be with someone. When Salahuddin sees Manahil, outside a parlour, in her new avatar, he feels guilty. Role played by veteran actress Ismat Zaidi who played Durdana, Salahuddin’s mother was appreciable and was a major supporting character throughout the series but was criticised in episodes 24 and 25 due spisode her negative role as she is famous for playing dramma roles.

Manahil blames Salahuddin for her parents in-law’s death, as she thinks he told them about Mikaeel’s gambling. Moreover, the viewers have kept their fingers crossed to see more masterpieces like Humsafar, Mera Yaqeen, Tanhaiyan,this year too. Retrieved 3 August But when Mikaeel was taking Manahil back home, she asks him to reject the proposal.


Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Views Read Edit View history. Manahil continues to talk to Salahuddin, who has disguised himself as “Guru” where he regularly watches Manahil. Retrieved 4 May Jeena becomes anxious epixode to Jameel intervening her life, trying to spend time with her, while she tries to lure him into getting married with Salah-ul-Din soon.

Jeena calls Manahil and accuse her of destroying their life. The show was first aired on Hum TV, as a part of night programming all under Duraid ‘s production company. Manahil asks Mikaeel if she can go back home in Hyderabad for some days, and he says only if she asks for money from his epxress. Jeena add poison in drinks that she plans to give Manahil and children but is interrupted episde Salahuddin who convinced them to go out for dinner and instead drinks the juice despite knowing that Jeena has poisoned it.

A real test of patience this turned drana to be! But Salahuddin says that he has already made a lot of mistakes, he cannot risk making anymore. She calls Mikaeel, but knalil doesn’t pick up as he is busy in a party.

Manahil Aur Khalil Last Episode 89 آخری قسط ~ PTV URDU DRAMA SERIALS

So when Manahil calls her, he pretends that he misses her and asks her to come back now. Second week in a row it received the highest TRPs with 5. Unfortunately, the ending was just wur lame and further solidified my resolve to boycott any more serials penned by Samira Fazal. She gives unconditional love to others and expects the same for herself,”.

I am with you no more junk serials Like Like. Manahil gives birth to a girl. Retrieved 9 August Meanwhile, after Manahil’s clothing style changes, Mikaeel agrees to take her to attend a party with him and there she finds out about Mikaeel’s drinking and smoking.