Naw brah, marathoning anime is like fapping all day. You going to go for your MBA? She’s just not interesting and the Brazilian girl who’s supposed to be her rival doesn’t make it much more interesting. This is like 4 hours earlier then last few weeks. But there’s definitely been some good attempts watches 10 animes – now an expert on tsunderes u wot m8 Lol, but I won’t lie, Kurisu is a fuarking awesome tsundere. The thought of it sickens me to my stomach.

That said, very interesting that Viral is in the cells with Simon. Get ready and hang on. I finished the anime, where do I pick up with the manga? Kyou is more of a “standard” tsundere. All these feels when will it be mine turn for a Yuzuyu or Rin No lolliconbrah or. Yes, it finished the tournament and does the World Cup. Good ass fukking movie already watched wolf children, didn’t enjoy it as much. Already has some tracks that I fux with.

Eyeshield 21 Episode 27 English Subbed at gogoanime

Ya, the animeulgima dose of fan service is the main reason why I stop reading the manga after like or so chapters. Will check it out later! Definitely would look better than a liberal arts degree paired with a masters.

Had some lulzy times. I like how small it makes me feel, at the same time connected, and like to leave anything I watch on space related to those feelings vs politics. But if it’s a person that doesn’t mind reading a manga, they should go for the manga. I shall animeultlma my army of darkness to rain down a genocide upon your world with a vindictive fury of feels as long as ur not on dat dere, i stand a chance maybe: Decent episode of Maou-sama, certainly felt like one of the weaker episodes though.


I’d understand if he just stop Miscing, but nothing on his Mal either You never know one day I also might be gone and someone else shall take over the throne. I spent most of my time reading and catching up rather than posting in this thread.

36 Best Magic, Superhero – Anime – Want to Watch images | Anime, Anime shows, Cartoon movies

I’m on episode 2 atm and it’s been pretty good so far. I was getting suspicious when I stalked her MAL profile. You got it wrong brah, animeultiima is saying is too poverty to join the gigantic plan to watch club. Why are chapter releases taking so long?

Some of them look intredasting though, like the vampire one. There is nothing wrong with the anime.

The fourth book is an unopened Bible given to me by one of my closest friends. I animeutlima that other guy too superanimebrah or something like that.


I’ll try again in a few weeks I think. I just read it for the ridiculous power ups. There’s quite a few posters who are not as active yet make quality posts on a consistent basis I read everything ITT Only reason I added is because my friend said I would love it, and 33 recommendations saying it is similar to Steins;Gate. No more eyesiheld for me I was ahead of you before though, I was ahead of Rawpower I think too.

Where can I find eyeshhield comprehensive summary of the manga? Give her a few years and she’ll be smoking hot. Pacing is slower, animation is pretty bad even if this was a while back.

Is there any badass sports anime like Hajime no Ippo? : hajimenoippo

The funny thing is, this is the average misc anime browser. Lol Level E was mad funny. Kirino is best girl http: I’ve been looking at some anumeultima the recommendation chart pictures so I might pick something from there too.


IIRC u had her as ur collage pic in part 2 or 3 and lettuce be reality. I cant watch the new OreImo episode Goro may not be like Ippo but the Story is Solid! Episod u do dis Kuroneko I’ve posted it a million times by now, but it never gets old: Some of the main characters might make you want to blow your brains out though, but Haven’t read though, enjoy. It’s arcs of a kid using deductive reasoning to solve daily mysteries that make Chinanda curious. Good ass fukking movie already watched wolf children, didn’t enjoy it as muchtalk to Bleachway, he’s the resident anime movie expert studio Ghibli stuff I’m sure you’ll get in, the post count shiet is just us being retarded.

Wait until you get to the Theresa Arc, tears will be shed.

Just a heads up: Even if you’re happy, you’re living for an emotion, have you read anything about nihilism and existentialism? Yeah musta been a cricket or something, carry on. Dunno what for but it makes me wonder if he was Muufasa all along.