Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. I find Erza to be oblivious to social norms, which seemingly serves as a counterbalance to her S-Class mage skills. What was in the box on her bed they never told us there was a letter and a rectangle shaped box anyone know what it is. But YOU club President Those seven years were devastating. Asuka, the daughter of Bisca and Alzack, is the star of this episode.

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. I was expecting Natsu to burst out of the ground and shouting Fairy Tail Episode Discuss Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Or is it just me who links all those names together? I got spoiled that Lucy’s dad would die and she would find out he remembered her birthday, and even fully expecting it I found myself crying for half the episode.

The episode goes full circle when Asuka finally purchases the lacrima that her parents had to sell to pay for her medicine. I wonder what happened in those seven years with them gone. Juvia Loxar is the obvious star of this episode and her infatuation with Gray Fullbuster is the plot that drives this episode’s story. I don’t care if people say Fairy Tail is shit with its “predictable fights” and “friendship powerups”.

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Spoilers from episodes to I didn’t cry when Mirajane sacrificed herself to be with Lisanna, or when the Master was defeated. Looks like the world has left Fairy Tail behind after all. Sign up using Email and Password. She’s cute and popular.

That picture with Lily and Happy all buffed up. I expected the ending to be warm and emotional, but laughed when Juvia handed Gray a new present for their “th anniversary.


I feel for Lucy, losing her father during those 7 years and not really having a good relationship with him. A lot happened in this great episode, from beginning to the end it was totally enjoyable!

That was a really sad episode. Even so, I cried when Lucy read the letter she received from her father, and I don’t cry watching anime often XD. Those seven years were devastating. So fillers are starting now? It makes me think of the revenge that Aquarius will plot against Lucy in the future because she neither forgets nor forgives.

Sign up using Facebook. When it comes down to heart, that’s where Fairy Tail shines imo. I don’t mind change but 7 freaking years is kind of stretching it.

One year after the disappearance of the Team Tenrou, Fairy Tail Mages Alzack Connell and Bisca Mulan married each other and their relationship blossomed, eventually resulting in the birth of Asuka “A” came from Alzack and “-suka” from Bisuka, the Romaji version of her mother’s name. Lyon and Lumia Scale. I feel really bad for Lucy,since her father died,and when she saw the presents that her father gave her for her birthday Lily’s shoulders look all beefed up, then again he’s always been buff to begin with.

Great episode so lets see what’s next! So she goes to see her father, pretty sad that he’s passed away, even if he was a sleazy git. That said I’m actually looking forward to the fillers since I, under no circumstance, want FT to be on hiatus or worse; cancelled.


I don’t remember seeing this in the anime. Bisca and Alzack leave Asuka in Natsu’s care while they go out on a mission, which makes me curious on how well Natsu is when taking care of children.

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Sad scene when Lucy’s father died New form of self-healing material discovered by scientists. BBCode The statement below is true. Evergreen gives Juvia even worse advice to ask the men for their input. I was sure of it. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Also, Lisanna after Gray? I was shocked to Juvia shocked at seeing Cana drink in the afternoon. The filler looks kind of promising.

Or is it just me who links all those names together? I think Laki would make plenty of money if she moonlighted as bisa dominatrix. Great episode, so much emotions. Screengrab from episode 44 of “Fairy Tail 2.

The latest episode to “Fairy Tail 2” is filled with humor and hijinks as it is dedicated to Fairy Tail’s water mage Juvia Loxar.