What a great episode. In a surprising turn of events, the Family “worst-team” of Jaesuk, Jongshin, and Chunhee win the final race of the day. While the turkey cooks, Hyuk is teased for his attempts at humor, with Hyori mischievously spreading mud on the faces of Jongkook and Hyuk. The family gathers at the village followed by the arrival of the strongest guest. Episodes by LollyPip. All head to a nearby shallow pond to catch fish with their hands, where Seungwon and Sooro compete to catch the most and Hyori guides and yells at Jongkook. Jo Hye-ryun,Oh Yeon-su episode 72 Guest:

During dinner preparations, the audience is introduced to the “Stepmother Kim and Chundrella” characters, as well as Chunhee’s trademark children’s Cinderella song. Ultimately, the entire Family benefit from the cooking contest as it results in the most delicious breakfast in memory. At the village house, Henney helps to wash rice, reenacting a scene from the movie Ghost with Hyori. The Family split into two teams, with one feeding and vaccinating piglets while the other harvesting melons from the green house. Oh Ji-ho episode 34 Guest: Dae-hae utilizes her sense of touch to buy their second item, but before they leave, their eyes and noses are drawn to the sight and smell of freshly grilled fish. The Family visits an elementary school where they compete with the students in academic quizzes and outdoor athletics.

Highlights include the members’ ages expressed as “levels” and members expressing their future wishes and predictions as they jump, such as Chunhee scolding Sooro and Jongshin requesting respect for the “middle-aged”. Some of our advertising partners may use cookies and episoxe beacons on our site. Returning to outting house for sleep order rankings, the Family sing and dance as part of a karaoke performance, while Chunhee and Yejin present the members with ugg boots and cookies, respectively.


After breakfast, the Family choreograph and perform a Natta traditional percussion show for the local village.

For this episode, the rankings involve everyone competing to act the most despicably, while yet exhibiting charisma. Lee Seung-gi, Park Shin-hye episode Guest: That girl really hold his man tightly.

After brunch, the Family head ouring to pick persimmons in the field, engaging in a verbal game of puns centered on the Korean word for persimmon, before forming teams to play a game of racing up a hill of hay.

Highlights include 1 Chunhee washing radishes with a bar of soap, 2 Chunhee and Sooro shaving the radish with their teeth and 3 Sooro frying eggs with vinegar rather than oil.

Family outing (2008)

The Family visits an elementary school where they compete with the students in academic quizzes and outdoor athletics. The first trip as the new ouing was all about learning the ropes for the new members. Hyori, Jong-Kook, Jongshin, and Hae-jin have helpful comments. Users will not be sent unsolicited emails from other parties, although those using “disposable email addresses” such as “trashmail.

As the last game, the “Family” played ssireum in a local beach along Hwang River. Governing Law The governing camily will be that of Netherlands, the country in which this site is based and from which all services are provided.

Kim Byung-man episode 29 Guest: During dinner preparations, the audience is kshowonlie to the “Stepmother Kim and Chundrella” characters, as well as Chunhee’s trademark children’s Cinderella song.

Episode 28 then shifts to the unaired “X-Files”.

Disclaimer Videos found on this website are not hosted or uploaded by KShowOnline nor is KShowOnline affiliated with the video content in any way. At the homeowners’ house, the Family send off the omonis mothers kshowoline setting off in boats to harvest octopus.


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Unfortunately though, the waves are terrible that day and Jaesuk, Hyori, and Sooro get seasick and are left on the boat while the rest of the family works. After eating, the Family plays the Saranghae game, featuring 1 “love-line” and verbal jabs between Hyori, Kshoowonline and Yejin and 2 Jongshin’s teeth attacks on Jaesuk.

The first episodes of Season 2, with a brand new cast, production team, and concept. Park Tae-hwan, Son Yeon-jae episode Guest: No really, it was funny. A total of episodes have aired. Before going to bed, the Family start preparing steamed buns, featuring an emergency resuscitation of dough by Jaesuk and Bumsoo and Chunhee kindly kshowonlinw up with Sooro to stir the red beans.

In the morning, after the trivia wake-up mission, Chunhee selects Hyori from a circle of sychophants to prepare breakfast with him.

Episode 9 by Sunny. Kim Soo-ro,Park Ye-jin episode 69 Guest: Meanwhile, the other members play drawing games in bed before Yejin and Chunhee decide to play a street arcade game and order fried chicken for the ksnowonline foursome.


Did you have it? Seo In-young JewelryPark Jin-young.

Members pair up to roll themselves back and forth a large vinyl sheet, competing for best times, with the winning team of Sooro, Jongshin, and Chunhee being relieved of seed planting duty as their reward.

Highlights include Jongshin’s massive heel spacers, repeated falls by Daesung, and Yejin almost performing the splits while being raised.