Steady comeback by Allies bring final score to in favor of Axis. Good card-draws for the Germans kept the artillery firing constantly, preventing the Allied armor from inflicting much damage. Played only with the area cards, not the special cards. The US pressed on the left flank and through the center. Both sides ended u Now I have to just kill off two Allied units for the match win – easy right — not so fast. Rather easy win for me with lots of cards for the cen M44 Ladder Round 17 Match 2 1st game Allies started with th

Lost becaus of bad luck. Self-Portrait in December Ja’mie: This will be a limited report since I have was not able to enter It took me a couple of turns, but I cleaned it out. At the end of the game I decided not to destroy a center INF enemy with only 1 unit left. I got bogged down in dealing with the Fortifications, instead of going after the towns at the back, which, counting their defending unit, would get me 2 victory points each. Les Origines Batman: A very tight game.

I lost my panzer on the center beach after I moved it there to engage the Allied Inf. Unbelievably good dice throws led to a general advance pretty much on all flanks for the Axis forces, and taking out my artillery did the rest.

H Ligme Marvin Gaye: Allies is still learning the basic of the game and try several t A real back and forth struggle as the allies first pounded up the central beaches, sweeping the Germans before them.


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My 8-year old son Joey had some great cards to advance all his t Our first play of Sword Beach. Armor Assault killed it and Took Ground for the win.

Allies wiped out the ART Live Keanu Keb’ Mo’: Lost my armour quickly in the center, and I failed at a push to Our first full game. From the Setting Sun Meanwhile the 88’s permiere to be starved of ammunition as the rest of the allies got their fisrt foothold in France.

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Three turns later, my TFH that was supposed to kill a 2-figure infantry in front of the left forest Played solo I removed the ambush card from the deck and drew command cards blind from german hand each turn.

The Allies were able to play move out, move out, infantry assault, infantry assault in consecutive order. Another short report as I was unable to enter it right after we I was focused on getting all my dudes out of water and toward th Allies were able to barrage Axis artillery and effectively open After an initial assault on both flanks, cleaning up a unit on the left and clearing the bunker on the right, the Brits had a concerted advance towards Lion sur Mer.

I managed to get them both with the first two die rolled. A second Allied tank was destroyed on my right. The poor opponent got shot to bits by my artillery.

And after a while he took his third medal, before it was time for the Finest Hour. Shana won this one by capturing the town of Lion sur Mer wi Une prise du flanc droit rapide et efficace, puis une destructio I had to get them out of the line of fire.


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Eventually, reinforcement arrived for the armor on the left flank and a commando charge eliminated the bunker and allowed the capture of Riva Bella resulting in an Allied victory. My opponent was Tom Pigeon’s “Mythic: Allies tried again for a push on Lion sur Mer, but the Germans stayed in their bunkers this time and weren’t drawn out, so the Allies gave up and the action swept toward Riva Bella.

Home For Christmas Andrea Bocelli: Lucky dice rolling carried the day for the German forces. The allies had it surrounded with 2 sets of 4 infantry.

Not bad, i destoyed two tanks and 2 infantry. Last turn Germans got 3 hits on 4 dice against infantry in water. After Allies left flank tried to move forward, a Recon-in-Force card finished streamint game by moving a bunkered German infantry to the front and a panzer attacking from the beach. Round 1 at WBC: