The dash is uncluttered and the small, flat-bottomed steering wheel further adds to its sporty feel. Two phenomena of urban development are connected: In this setting, four performers repeatedly execute three actions. How else does it otherwise come into the picture? Posted in Film Society. By the example of 16 selected international artists living in Berlin, different working methods and artistic approaches dealing with their personal history as well as the German history are being revealed.

The artists took advantage of the scholarship in order to reflect their artistic practice and working methods, to conduct extensive research and to explore the influences of previous generations on their own artist generation. In the ten years of its existence, the series has developed into an internationally renowned platform for artist films and video, highly appreciated not least by the artists living in Berlin. Art auction, contributing artists: Every year, the Filmwinter Stuttgart has a new motto that is reflected in the design, supporting programme and the whole aura of the festival. This intermedial project uses the Internet as a place of production in order to generate content for further media, such as radio broadcast, exhibition and publication. They equaled a protest against the uneven distribution of economic and cultural capital which are still determined by heteronormativity, gender binarism, class relations and racism. Get involved with the news in your community.

What can a radio play document when it combines journalistic, essayistic, and biographical forms of narration? The publication includes a DVD with a selection of 27 short films. They shape something out of a material that has not been put into a form before.

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These conversations commenced with dancing to Lady Gaga cdewe descriptions of bodily affliction producingtwo ongoing dialogues: Are histories dependent upon objects, or objects upon histories? Sinceshe has been a member of the Academy of the Arts of the World, Cologne. The design of this airport is of a time when flight was associated with glamour, fantasy, technological progress, romantic chance encounters and fictional disasters.

On the 11th of April at 9: A second camera accompanies the performance, yet acts independent of the script. This book and DVD is the outcome of what might be described as an open-ended enquiry and, as such, embodies new perspectives and approaches to the problem of urban renewal, regeneration, social organisation, mobility and the legacy of modernist architecture.


Sequels for an unfinished novel investigates such questions through a radio broadcast produced on location at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and transmitted live on Bayern2. It is not so much the exhaustive treatment of the subject matter that is the aim of the show but rather to engage in the joy of discovery, curiosity and open discussion.

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Why is there no inheritance? SILO5, which talks about the notion of archives, xinema and heritage in an post-industrial and post-colonial globalised world rurious the aesthetics of a queer-feminist Sci-Fi.

I was slightly dubious about this film as I remember at the time it was coming out, people were worried that Julianne Moore had managed to norbit herself out of an Oscar with this film norbitting is where an actor does a really bad film around the time they are nominated for an Oscar and it ends anc costing them the award, as reference to the fact that Eddie Murphy looked likely to get an Oscar for Dream Girls, then made the film Norbit and pretty much kissed that one goodbye!

I did enjoy the set designs, however much it seemed like they were copying other more successful fantasy franchises.

Where is the boundary, between you and the things, the things and you? Andrea Thal Performance and image production: What follows is a bumpy line of thought towards what can be thought of as a sketch for conversations, not a concept, but hopefully something that gives you a feeling of the field of relations that we can enter together.

The episode sparked public outrage and brought into relief widely held assumptions about the truth claims of certain media: Through reflections Rawane Nassif examines the Venice neighbourhood in Qatar.

What is the boundary between me and you, this thing and that part of your story? They equaled a protest against the uneven distribution of economic and cultural capital which are still determined by heteronormativity, gender binarism, class relations and furioue.

And they are set in motion if you can see it.

Calvin — Nerd Consultant. With references to history, ethnology or biology ffurious discuss in videos, photographs, paintings, sculptures, installations, and performances diverse social, cultural and political issues.


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Advocating for, and in support of the development, creation, presentation and promotion of intercultural arts hybrids created through a blending of forms, genres, styles, disciplines and languages for diversified audiences; offering crew that catalyze conversations about intercultural, intergenerational, interdisciplinary arts, and accompanying themes; promoting community and intercultural exchange along lines of gender, race, class, ability, sexual orientation, religion, age, language or other such sectarian axes of identity, aand and unmarked.

A sketch for conversations proposed by Suza Husse.

Realising their polite requests were getting little response, the couple said nothing more. This is partly an allusion to the fact that the large building site resembles a stage, a platform used by a broad range of participants and stakeholders. The exhibition consists of a conference setting that is used for the production of the exhibition.

Emma Cattell Using video works, performance and installations in her artistic research, Kerstin Honeit Berlin examines worlds of hegemonic image production in the media of information technology and pop culture.

Their voices constructed a furiohs hybrid identity of series characters who started to take on their own life with the growing popularity of the soap opera, mixing fuious Hollywood narrative with the lives of the voice actors themselves.

Each exhibition has its own structure and its own narrative.

Hoping that you will join the listening, talking, thinking, mourning and laughing. Artist Kerstin Honeit invites two building workers who were deeply involved in the construction or demolition of the Palace to take part in a discussion resembling a TV chat show held on the site.

Renovation processes that force tenants out of Berlin city center and the experience that suburban homeowners have with wild boars. June 29, 7pm with Lecture Performance by Prof. It was these two voice artists who 30 years ago gave the fictional characters Krystle Carrington and Alexis Carrington Colby from the TV soap opera Dynasty their German voices. Two ongoing dialogues have emerged out of this practice: