Does something have to happen to make me come here for God sake? Publicado por Diego Ayrton Flores paucar en And this is the place to come when it’s vacation, right? They go to the storage room too, I’d say. Look Omer I’m telling you as well, Don’t let him try to be a hero. It was eating my heart out. Let’s hear what Mukaddes Hanim going to say. Fatmagul reminds me of the real life story of Mukhtara Mai, a Pakistani rape victim.

Their families don’t allow them to marry. I didn’t stay in the same place, I was keep moving between places. Does something have to happen to make me come here for God sake? Nedim might have taken him to the sea side, maybe they sat down somewhere. Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: Secondly, it is good to see a show based around a story that is more common in real life than people like to think. But he wasn’t in his bed.

They fed him early in the morning. Murat couldn’t get used to it yet. Got a YouTube account? I suggest that readers research on her story before watching Fatmagul.

You got us wrong, when I saw your door open I wanted to invite you as well. Leman Namli 55 episodes, For God’s sake, don’t use this arm. You’ll do this going to court and telling the truth about the real events. Meryem Aksoy 80 episodes, They will not accept it. He must have a problem since he keeps calling you. Edit Did You Know? Edit Details Official Sites: I’d say we do not open it now.


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Murat Ketenci 74 episodes, Let her enjoy her time. We don’t need duplicate items. No one is in the house, get your things together and come home.

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It’s obvious that you two had a fight. I behaved like that so that she won’t think that you’re not taken. This makes the couple leave their hometown and come to Istanbul. Full Cast and Crew. But who knows what kind of an apocalypse they’re living right now.

Go and wash your hand and your face. Trivia It has reached widespread popularity in many countries. So that in your dream, you’ll see the man that you’ll marry.

It was difficult for my nephew to episofe his innocence as long as he was running away As if to make sure that I’d never forget. Settle there as you wish. If you keep acting this way, I’ll go to the police right now. It can’t be helped. I’ve dreamed of going there again, in different circumstances. What hope you’re talking about? I even got out of the car to see better. Someone might come from behind, abla!


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Thinking we wouldn’t have time to dine. We heard about the report when we were at the police station. Mukaddes was great when she covered up your mess and shut Fatmagul up. Last night you said you wanted to keep your head straight against everyone.

Rahmi went to the police. We’ll be here the next day. Forget what I have said.

No problem for me. If you are the one informing on Selim, you have to give a statement too. Greeo one you can’t stop talking about. I’ll leave this here and go over to the next door. While Kadir is in the Police station, an informant came through It was so hard to put him to sleep.

Now you want to separate me from my husband and kick me out to the streets. It seems she liked this place a lot.