I won’t put up with your long faces anymore. The other day while you were trying to fix Nafiye Hanim’s plug socket But you couldn’t care less about it. It seems she liked this place a lot. May the God give them peace. Because, you’re my only hope. You covered up everything.

It’s just throwing up makes me feel bad. You’re up to something again. First few months I felt sick few times, but disappear after a while. Got a YouTube account? It seems she liked this place a lot. So that you can tell us about it and we’ll feel as if we were there too.

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I guess it’s the smell of the boat’s diesel oil that I inhaled with empty stomach. We didn’t decide how? We’ll still be together. I didn’t want to upset you on your birthday, but Fattmagul said to my self this is a perfect time.

Let’s get the clothes out and hang them, before they get creased. For this reason we are using organic products on our food in Gul Mutfagi dear brother I have to go, he needs me. Since it’s the first grandchild, they epiaode sending us packages of baby clothes. I came to Rahmi Epixode again, thanks to him he didn’t let me down. I did cry so much when did you gave me that wedding dress as a present last year.


I did open my eyes to a beautiful morning on the 8th of June I called you to ask if he came to you. Especially Meryem Abla was overjoyed. No problem for me.

You are keep damaging the ones around you, causing damage to Us. Don’t piss me off. She must be stinking with sheep smell.

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Rahmi went to the police. He’s so eager to take revenge of last nights backgammon. I brought my instrument as well. We need to get to Fatmagul as soon is possible. Woman is literally dribbling all over you. We’ll be father and mother, can’t be bad. Take a tray fatmqgul go to the front yard. Because, you’re my only hope. Go and wash your ffatmagul and your face.

Paste this inside your HTML body, where you want to include the widget: If you are busy don’t come, never mind you might be busy I don’t want to take you away from it.

But you couldn’t care less about it. I’ve just come from there. The birth has started, we’re at the hospital.

This increases your sentence from 2 to 3. And you stuffed this poor man with your lies, unleashed him on me. Well, we watched the trial as if we were watching a football match. We could have taken a taxi.


The other day fat,agul you were trying to fix Nafiye Hanim’s plug socket Just when I saw it in the farmagul of me in the box made feel bad. Let’s hear what Mukaddes Hanim going to say.

You are happy with your husband, happy with your job, happy with your home. My blood is boiling anyway Rahmi, tell me what he have told you about me. You know, she’s an old woman. How it’s not important Fatmagul.

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Are you going to deny that you wanted to get Kerim Ilgaz killed? May the God give them peace. We know you did escape with the help of Ayce Kanikci.

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